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Let me be clear. Steve King is not a racist, homophobe or anything else the Democrats or establishment Republicans want to call him. Those people ought to be ashamed of their behavior. All one has to do is to see to whom those establishment Republicans are beholding to and voters will be informed about who really has their interests at heart.

I know Steve and am 100% behind his re-election to the United States House of Representatives. Those running against him in the upcoming primary couldn’t carry Steve’s briefcase. I ought to know. I’ve been in “the belly of the beast” and have seen how our elected representatives do business in DC. Steve works hard and is responsive to his constituents. Again, I ought to know.

As many of the readers are aware, I have been hospitalized since last Easter and am now in the VA hospital in Sioux Falls, SD. I have been having a lot of issues with the VA, and when I brought my difficulties to my elected representatives, Steve was the only one who jumped in with both feet to pursue my case with his colleagues and the President. That’s right, the President still takes Steve’s calls. That is because Steve is 100% behind the President and will fight hard to see that the President’s agenda is carried out. If the reader checks the other candidate’s websites, they will find that none of them have declared that they are with the President through thick or thin. If one hasn’t noticed, the President got Senate passage of the USMCA trade agreement with Canada and Mexico and signed the China Phase I trade agreement. That agreement alone will bring 32 billion dollars to agriculture in the next two years. Steve was with the President all the way.

What really torques my jaws is the audacity of the Republican establishment feeling they have the right to pick our candidate for the 4th district. Outsiders, many of whom fought against this President, now have put their weight behind one of the primary candidates. I think the one they have ordained to take Steve out will be nothing more than a digital windsock, aligning with whatever position he is told to take. He is likely to be the lapdog of the establishment Republicans, doing exactly what special interests tell him to do. I don’t think he will stand firm against illegal immigration nor will he do anything about yanking the government back inside the Constitution. Limited Government, protection of the First, Second and Fourth Amendments and fiscal responsibility will be defended only as far as the establishment Republicans want them to be defended. Why would we want to take a chance on someone who is already bought and sold by outside interests? No one outside the 4th district has the right to dictate who my candidate will be.

This nation is at war with itself. Angelo Codevilla, in his seminal essay written in 2010, said that the Country Class (you and me) are at war with the Ruling Class (the establishment Democrats and Republicans). Just listen to what they have to say about us. They want to pat us on the head and then they want us to shut up. Well, I am not going to shut up. You should not shut up, either. When the primary rolls around, vote for the real conservative in this race. I’m voting for Steve King. I am asking you to do the same.

Author: Sam Clovis