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What I am going to write in this section is going to upset some of you—maybe a lot of you. Upfront, I think that conservatism is under attack not just from the left—we already know from where they’re coming—but from within the republican party, as well. Establishment Republicans are on a quest to eradicate conservatism and conservative thought.

Conservatives make establishment republicans uncomfortable. Those of us who wear our conservatism proudly—and can walk the walk—are a threat to the comfort of most of those who claim to be conservatives in profession but not in deeds. Hmmm. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

In this election cycle, many of us are caught in a quandary. Do we hold our noses and vote for Republicans in name only (RINOs), knowing that these individuals will be in there for multiple terms and will disappoint us over and over again? Do we not vote for them and hurt our chances of gaining or maintaining control of one of the houses of congress? Are there other options we should contemplate? Let me outline what I’m thinking.

When we have RINOs on the ticket, we have to take a long, hard look at those options. I would never encourage anyone to ever vote for a democrat. That is a saw that cuts twice. However, I might suggest other options, if one is a conservative and just can’t vote for the RINO.

One can vote for upper races, like president and US senator, but one does not have to vote for races below that level. Without straight-ticket voting allowed in many states now, one has to vote for every single office. This happens a lot anyway. This procedure is called under voting. If one is a numbers nerd, and one looks at election statistics, one is usually surprised at the level of under voting that takes place anyway. If one wants to send a message to the parties, heavy under voting is a way to do that.

Another option is writing in someone. Every ballot has that provision. Write-ins have often been the difference in races. One of the senators from Alaska won her race strictly through write-in votes. Other races across the country, from county supervisors to president of the United States, have been swayed through write-ins.

One needs to dig deep into one’s heart to figure out what to do when one goes into that booth. Sometimes necessity overcomes principle, but where does one draw the line?

In a recent conversation with a group of my friends, I was reminded by one of those friends that if we excuse the lack of conservative principles in one candidate, then why would we hold anyone to those standards? Aren’t we betraying our own principles for short-term gain? Of course, he was right and I was chastised for letting my own principles drift. Thus, the money question—where do conservatives draw the line?

In the 2020 cycle, at least in Iowa, the options are there, but each conservative voter needs to know that the ultimate goal is the elimination of the conservative movement once and for all. Our education system, through indoctrination, is making sure that a parent’s job is harder, not easier, in instilling conservative values. Our colleges find no room for thoughts that are outside of Marxist ideology. Our businesses bend, fold and pander to idiotic movements that denigrate the very system that has buoyed billions of people worldwide. So, upon what can conservatives cling? Again, where do conservatives draw the line?

What better time than now to turn around, reform the lines and then lean into the counter-attack?

I know what I am going to do when my absentee ballot comes in the mail. I am drawing the line. I have searched my soul, prayed on it and have made up my mind. Each of you will have to do the same. RINOs for 20 years or finding strong conservatives for the next
time around? Something to think about.

I told you that you might not like what I wrote

Author: Sam Clovis