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CNN host Don Lemon said that supporters of President Donald J. Trump will one day look back and find themselves on the wrong side of history. He said…

“History is going to look back on this and I think a lot of people are going to be embarrassed overtime when they look back and say, ‘How did I do that? How did I fall for that? What happened to me? What was I thinking in that time?'”

I want to respond to that. Lemon probably doesn’t know many people who voted for President Donald J. Trump. He may only know a handful.

It is clear he doesn’t understand any of them.

Lemon may well be right back. That history will look back at Trump supporters as being wrong. But it all depends on who is writing the history, right?

If I were writing the history and I were going to condense it down to the simplest terms possible, I would state what I believe to be relatively obvious:

Supporters of Donald J. Trump do not hate their country. Many supporters of Joe Biden do.

The Democrats have spent years vowing to “fundamentally transform America.” They’re now saying if only they can win Georgia, they can “change America.”

The former Democrat President of the United States wasted little time before flying all over the world to apologize for America.

Nobody is going to claim America is perfect. We all know the country had flaws in the past and continues to fall short today.

But we do not view our country as being fundamentally flawed from its beginning. The evil of slavery wasn’t unique to our country, that’s for sure.

I was able to see President Trump in person six times. Never once did I get the feeling he despised our country. Never once did I get the feeling his supporters despised our country.

In fact, what was overwhelming was the sense of patriotism. The love for God and country was obvious.

President Trump is certainly a flawed individual. Joe Biden is as well.

But the Democrats have been the party supporting rioters and looters. They’ve been the ones supporting tearing down statues of our history. They have continually picked at the scab of slavery doing all they could to ensure that wound never heals.

President Trump, meanwhile, embraced America’s greatness. He believes America is an exceptional country.

Joe Biden, and today’s Democrat Party, do not.

Democrats cannot even rally around the police. They’re fully invested in the idea of “systemic racism.” They cannot stand traditional values.

Don Lemon, in my view, does not love America. He doesn’t love what America stands for — or has at least stood for through history.

I don’t even think many Leftists would be offended at the allegation they don’t love America.

Author: Jacob Hall