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Concerned parents alerted The Iowa Standard to a PowerPoint presentation that took place in an eighth-grade social studies class in Sioux Center.

Parents have expressed concerns previously with the school about the teacher, Isaac Heard, they said.

Just a couple of weeks ago, Heard presented a PowerPoint on power and leadership.

The slide titled “What is Leadership,” features a picture of Martin Luther King Jr. The slide titled “What is Power,” features a picture of Kim Jong-un, the North Korean dictator. The presentation included a brief video, and then the traits of a good leader.

But this was the final slide:

According to the concerned parents, Heard allegedly told students something along the line of see, people in power can sometimes abuse it. He reportedly referred to the rioter being sprayed as a bystander. And allegedly stated that, sometimes, people in power take power too far. And the bystander was only doing what he was able to do, but then people in power took it too far.

Previous concerns about Heard and his classroom discussions centered around politics as well.

On Twitter, Heard has tweeted or shared the following: