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Steve Reeder is running for United States Congress in the Fourth Congressional District. You can learn more about Reeder’s candidacy here.

1. What is the purpose of government:

Government’s purpose is clearly defined in the Constitution, which is a document Iowans hold dear. We know that the government should absolutely not be invasive or restrict our freedoms. Unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi and the radical left, combined with entrenched career politicians on both sides of the aisle, think differently. I stand for less government, more faith, and more freedom.

2. What issues do you consider non-negotiable:

I am strongly pro-life and pro-Constitution. These are non-negotiable issues for me, as they are for many Iowans. Further, if small businesses on Main Street and families sitting around their kitchen tables can balance a budget, Congress should be able to do the same.

3. What one thing would you most like to accomplish should you earn a seat in Congress:

Constituent services are extremely important to me. Iowans in the Fourth District should have a place where they can find the answers to their questions and get the help they need. I also want to be part of rural revitalization and ensure the Fourth District is a viable place for families to grow and make a successful living. Lastly, I aim to begin building consensus around key issues, such as education, economic empowerment, pro-life and the Second Amendment, on my first day in Congress. We don’t need more members of Congress who do nothing but explain why something can’t be done. We need leaders to actually get things done and build a record of success for our shared principles.

4. What, if anything, would you do to strengthen religious liberty at the federal level:

We must have a check on new laws to verify that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) is not violated. The separation of church and state was not intended to keep religion out of government. Rather, the intention was to keep government out of religion. The nuns of Little Sisters of the Poor fighting against government intrusion is a perfect example.

5. There are efforts to increase the federal gas tax 25 cents a mile, is this something you’d support:

No. I’m for the reduction of taxes on American citizens. The federal gas tax was last raised in 1993, and I will not vote to raise it again.

6. How do you suggest balancing the budget and working toward elimination of the national debt:

I support Rand Paul’s Penny Plan, which gradually reduces spending across the board. About 70% of our country’s outlays are mandatory, like interest on the debt, Social Security, and Medicare. These haven’t been cut because anyone who touches them will be voted out of office, and entrenched career politicians apparently care more about keeping their jobs than about handing down trillions in debt to future generations. We must preserve Social Security and Medicare, but we need to find ways to raise government revenue through a strong economy while reducing spending anywhere and everywhere we can.

7. Are there any scenarios where you would support a pathway to citizenship and/or amnesty for any illegal immigrants in America:

Because we don’t currently have the means to send everyone who is currently in our country illegally back to their country of origin, we need to make sure the process is available and fair for those to go through the appropriate application process and channels to become an American citizen. Illegal immigration must be curbed, and I believe in strong border security and better enforcement measures to get that done.

8. Do you believe sanctuary cities are a danger to the citizens who live in them and what, if anything, would you do in Congress to either encourage or discourage sanctuary city policies:

Securing our border is the best solution to ensure fair, legal, safe, and streamlined immigration practices. For example, I know an individual who has lived in a city designated as a sanctuary city and on three separate events was injured and their property by an illegal alien. This sort of thing happens all over our country in sanctuary cities regularly. According to the Constitution, the federal government should not be involved in local law enforcement. However, there may be other measures we can look at without violating Constitutional intent, such as reducing federal funding to sanctuary cities. This is an action President Trump has also explored.

9. What federal action would you support in terms of climate change, if any:

Conservation practices are important to maintaining the integrity and health of our land, water, and air. The federal government’s role should be limited, however, could include tax incentives for conservation ingenuity, renewable energy sources, and support for the agriculture community in diversifying their crop to meet new market demands.

10. Would you support any red flag gun legislation:

No. I will defend our Second Amendment along with all our other Constitutional Rights. People are entitled to due process before having their rights stripped away, and every red flag bill I’ve seen removes that due process.

11. Give a general rundown of your American foreign policy:

President Trump has shown strong leadership championing America globally and standing up for the American people. He set about correcting trade imbalances and working towards fair trade deals. Additionally, he worked with allied countries to make sure they were taking their fair share of responsibility for peace-keeping and freedom efforts abroad. After decades of abuse by foreign powers and globalist elites, the United States has finally put her foot down and said, “Enough.” America is good because Americans are great. I agree with President Trump that we must put Americans first and restore manufacturing jobs to our economy while projecting strength to deter threats from foreign bad actors.

12. Do you support term limits for Congress:

Yes. I signed the U.S. Term Limits pledge. Establishment politicians don’t want term limits because they want Congress to be a career. That is not my goal. If elected, I will serve no more than three terms to allow a fresh new voice to represent Iowa’s Fourth District – as our Founders intended.

13. What are your thoughts on the Electoral College:

The Electoral College is essential and must always remain part of our election process.

14. What issue can you envision working with Democrat members of Congress on right away:

I’m willing to work together in bipartisan legislation that empowers small business owners and entrepreneurs to successfully start and run their businesses without over-burdensome regulations and taxes. I’m also willing to work across the aisle on efforts to end human and sex trafficking, improve foster care, and strengthen our national infrastructure.

15. What excites you most about possibly representing Iowa in Congress:

I have seen the dysfunction in Congress. During my 35 years as a small business owner and entrepreneur, I witnessed firsthand how decisions made in Congress made life harder for families, farmers, and the small business community. Now we have a President who is willing and able to break through the political grandstanding to actually accomplish things for the American people, and I believe I am well-suited to help. My background has given me business and financial experience, the ability to solve problems, and strong negotiating skills. I have represented thousands of clients across different fields and industries over the course of my career which makes me well-suited to represent Iowans and Americans in Congress especially in light of the challenges our businesses and livelihoods face because of COVID. My goal is to reduce the size of government, defend religious liberty from constant assault, and protect the Constitutional freedoms we all hold dear. I will bring our shared values to Congress.

While running for Congress, I have met so many patriots across Iowa that love this country and who support the initiatives President Trump has championed to grow our economy and create jobs. Our President needs a strong ally in Iowa, and I will be that ally. Furthermore, as a businessman like President Trump, we both have a strong and proven work ethic. What really sets this election apart is what we see happening on the radical left – the promotion of socialist policies. Socialism erodes at what has made America great, namely, the liberties and freedoms we have. Limiting the power of the Federal government, especially in light of all we’ve seen since COVID-19, is more important than ever. I want to ensure the opportunities I had to provide for my family, worship where I wanted to worship, and grow a successful business is possible for the next generation. If you believe in Less Government, More Faith, and More Freedom, I’d be grateful for your vote before or on June 2. Please visit reederforcongress.com for more information. You can follow my social media channels @stevereederiowa.