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CONGRESSIONAL SURVEY: Republican Everly would most like to accomplish the end of ‘infanticide’

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Steve Everly is a Republican running for Congress in U.S. House District 2. You can learn more about Everly’s candidacy here.

1. What is the purpose of government: To protect our borders, this is what the military should be used for, promote domestic tranquility this is to guarantee our rights under the Constitution, to promote commerce between the states, and protect us from evil, these are the laws that Congress should pass.

2. What issues do you consider non-negotiable: Our Constitution. It is not a living document it is a limitation on government and its powers. Life, liberty and The Pursuit of HappIness cannot be negotiated away. We cannot sacrifice our liberty for security for we will have neither.

3. What one thing would you most like to accomplish should you earn a seat in Congress: The end of infanticide.

4. What, if anything, would you do to strengthen religious liberty at the federal level: Pass no law that interferes with our constitutional rights and uphold the Constitution as it was written at the time the amendments were passed and not allow 5 people in black robes to redefine our founding documents.

5. There are efforts to increase the federal gas tax 25 cents a mile, is this something you’d support: Absolutely not.

6. How do you suggest balancing the budget and working toward elimination of the national debt: The United States government number one has to figure out how to live within its means. Any powers not specifically mentioned in the Constitution should not be funded. United States government is in control of enormous amounts of land this should be auctioned off to eliminate our debt.

7. Are there any scenarios where you would support a pathway to citizenship and/or amnesty for any illegal immigrants in America: I am a supporter of legal immigration. 2 of my children were born in foreign countries. We went through the correct legal means of making them citizens. We have tried amnesty in this country and it is only made the problem much worse. Encourage people to go back to their country of citizenship and apply the correct way under the 14th amendment anchor babies do not become citizens.

8. Do you believe sanctuary cities are a danger to the citizens who live in them and what, if anything, would you do in Congress to either encourage or discourage sanctuary city policies: The United States government is responsible for immigration and immigration law. States shall be required to enforce any federal immigration laws and if they don’t any funding that presently the federal government supplies and all facets should be held back until compliance has been met.

9. What federal action would you support in terms of climate change, if any: As a conservative I believe that our natural resources shall be utilized and respected. I have seen no evidence that mankind can make any changes to the weather. If they could there would be no typhoons or hurricanes, tornadoes, floods or drought. We can only deal with the weather as it comes.

10. Would you support any red flag gun legislation: Absolutely not.

11. Give a general rundown of your on American foreign policy: The State Department needs to be cleaned up and cleaned out. We should always support America’s first policy and end the United States being the world’s policeman. No intervention in foreign countries without defending American interests.

12. Do you support term limits for Congress: Congressman should have no more than 4 terms, Senators no more than 2, Unelected bureaucrats should also be limited in their time of office.

13. What are your thoughts on the Electoral College: Without the electoral college 3 states in these United States would control the country. Our founding fathers were infinite in their wisdom to give us the electoral college and the opportunity for even the smallest states to have a voice.

14. What issue can you envision working with Democrat members of Congress on right away: I believe Democrats and Republicans can work together on the sanctity of every man, woman, and child and including the unborn if they search in their hearts for the truth.

15. What excites you most about possibly representing Iowa in Congress: Bring a common sense of vision of a common man back to our government.  We must return to the Constitution and the responsibilities of our choices.

U.S. House District 2:

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