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During today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing, Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) National Security Division Matthew Olsen accidentally confirmed to U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL-01) that the DOJ has an “ongoing investigation” into Hunter Biden’s corrupt business deals with foreign actors.

This active “investigation” stemming from content found on Hunter Biden’s laptop has not been previously confirmed by the DOJ.


Assistant AG Olsen referred to this “ongoing investigation” into Hunter Biden eight times while refusing to answer simple questions about President Joe Biden’s involvement.

“The reason [the Biden Family] is able to get away with this corruption is plausible deniability. That is precisely the plausible deniability that you are animating and exemplifying today,” Rep. Gaetz said. “Winter is coming. We’re going to be in the majority [next year], and then you’re going to have to answer these questions for the country.”

The full exchange and transcript between Rep. Gaetz and Assistant AG Olsen can be found HERE and below:


Rep. Gaetz: Is Hunter Biden a national security threat?

Matthew Olsen: That’s not a question that would come up before me, Congressman.

Rep. Gaetz: You’re the head of the National Security Division, so it seems sort of on the nose.

Matthew Olsen: It’s not in my practice or experience to identify individuals and to label any individual, American citizen, or any individual as a national security threat.

Rep. Gaetz: “Not in my perview.” We’ve heard that before. Well, you would certainly concede that if the adult offspring of the President of the United States or the Vice President were compromised, that would be a national security threat, right?

Matthew Olsen: We speak through our filings in court, and we speak through our actions in an open court. So–

Rep. Gaetz: Speak to this: Where’s the laptop? Do you know where Hunter Biden’s laptop is?

Matthew Olsen: Again, I’m not going to talk about any potential ongoing investigation–

Rep. Gaetz: Just do you know where it is? Do you know where it is?

Matthew Olsen: I’m not going to talk about any ongoing investigation–

Rep. Gaetz: You come here and you tell us you follow the facts and the law, but you can’t even follow a laptop that you guys have had for three years.

Matthew Olsen: We follow the facts and the law, and we speak in open court about our case.

Rep. Gaetz: Yeah, but you aren’t speaking about this. But you know who is speaking about it? The whistleblowers from the FBI who’ve gone to Senator Grassley and said that you guys purposefully take any information that is derogatory about Hunter Biden, and you go and rathole it so that you never have to speak about it in any circumstance. But the good news is, you’re not the only ones with that laptop. So Patrick Ho was convicted of bribing government officials in Africa, and he gave a million bucks to Hunter Biden. Are you familiar with that?

Matthew Olsen: I’m not going to speak about any ongoing investigation.

Rep. Gaetz: Is that an ongoing investigation? Patrick Ho bribe?

Matthew Olsen: I can’t–  I’m not gonna– I’m not going to speak about any potential ongoing investigation.

Rep. Gaetz: Don’t you see that that degrades the country’s belief in you guys when you have whistleblower saying that you’re purposely ratholing this information, and then you come here and say you won’t talk about it. “Inside Hunter Biden’s multimillion dollar deals with a Chinese energy company,” Washington Post Matt Vizir. “Chinese elite paid $31 million to Hunter and the Biden’s,” Peter Schweitzer in the New York Post. “Hunter Biden’s business partner called Joe Biden the Big Guy in panic messages.” Do you guys call Joe Biden the Big Guy at the Department of Justice?

Matthew Olsen: So I think it’s important to understand why we don’t speak about cases outside of the courtroom

Rep. Gaetz: By the way, I already know why.

Matthew Olsen: If I may sir, if I may answer the question.

Rep. Gaetz: You know why you don’t speak about it? Because it’s about Hunter Biden. You guys have no problem leaking about other stuff, right? Like you got no problem going out and tagging parents at school board meetings is a national security threat, but when all of the facts and all of the law are before you regarding the corruption of Hunter Biden, you don’t want to speak to that at all. And it’s precisely why you’ve got folks that are talking to Senator Grassley about it. Bohai Harvest – so 10 days after Vice President Biden takes Hunter Biden to China, 10 days after, this long toiling venture of Hunter Biden they can’t get off the ground, 10 days after they go, he automatically gets approved for a deal in China with Bohai Harvest. Have you guys looked into that?

Matthew Olsen: I’m not going to talk about any ongoing investigation.

Rep. Gaetz: Well you know who else is talking? Tony Bobulinski. Tony Bobulinski told the world that Joe Biden was cut in on a CCP energy deal that was orchestrated by Hunter Biden. Like, have you guys talked to Tony Bobulinski?

Matthew Olsen: Again, we don’t talk about ongoing investigations in settings such as this.

Rep. Gaetz: So Joe Biden. Well, okay, how about this. Will you commit to a classified briefing on these matters?

Matthew Olsen: I certainly be happy to talk to you or any member of the committee about matters of national security.

Rep. Gaetz: Okay well is this a matter of national security?

Matthew Olsen: I do not talk– We do not talk outside of courtrooms about ongoing investigations.

Rep. Gaetz: Well, is there an ongoing investigation of the annual fund dinner that happened where Joe Biden was Vice President of the United States and Hunter Biden holds his fund’s annual dinner at the Chinese Embassy. But in order to do that, in order to get the Chinese Embassy to roll out the red carpet for Hunter Biden and to raise money for his fund, he had to go to the embassy 30 minutes before and have a one on one meeting with the Chinese Ambassador. Do you think it’s possible that that meeting might have jeopardized national security?

Matthew Olsen: I’m not going to comment about any potential or ongoing investigation.

Rep. Gaetz: Well, here’s the thing, it’s pretty easy to see that Hunter Biden is compromised. I think every American knows that’s a threat to national security. I think we’re watching a crime spree in progress that Hunter Biden is orchestrating. And one has to wonder, what are the Chinese getting for the tens of millions of dollars that they’re cutting the Biden family in on? What is the Chinese Communist Party getting as a result of cutting in 10% for the Big Guy? And I just happen to notice that you guys canceled the China initiative that President Trump put in place where you focus talent on those things. You know, Jim Biden said to Tony Bobulinski that the reason they’re able to get away with this corruption is plausible deniability. That is precisely the plausible deniability that you are animating and exemplifying today. And you know what? Winter is coming. We’re going to be in the majority, and then you’re going to have to answer these questions for the country.

Author: Press Release

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