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Congressman Steve King releases this statement following his vote Tuesday against H.J. Res 46, a resolution introduced by House Democrats that seeks to block President Trump’s National Emergency declaration. By voting against the Democrat’s obstructionist legislation, King showed again that he stands firmly in support of President Trump’s decision to invoke the National Emergencies Act in order to build a wall on our border with Mexico.

“President Trump has the statutory authority to declare a National Emergency, and he has correctly assessed that the ongoing influx of illegal aliens into our country is needlessly placing the lives of American citizens at risk. President Trump was right to declare a National Emergency to address this and he is equally correct that the best thing we can do to bring this security crisis to an end is to construct a wall on our border with Mexico.

Unlike Speaker Pelosi, I regularly meet with the Angel Families who have seen their American loved ones killed by illegal aliens. I care about these families, and I share their frustration at Speaker Pelosi’s obstructionist tactics. The Angel Moms will tell anyone who will meet with them that our failure to secure our border comes with the highest of all human costs. H.J. Res 46 shows the Pelosi Democrats are all too eager to pay for their ‘Never Trump’ open-borders agenda with the blood of innocent American citizens.”