Congressman King discusses vote against First Step Act

Congressman Steve King (R-IA Fourth District) was the lone member of the Iowa Congressional delegation to vote against the First Step Act. King said there were a couple elements of the bill that made it difficult for him to support the package.

“The main thing for me is this, and anybody who is honest will admit it, there will be recidivism,” he said. “Who pays the price for that recidivism? It’ll be the future crime victims. They will pay for that out of their lives or great, huge whopping chunks of treasure if they have any.

“It’s about saving taxpayers money by letting people out of jail. We need to have the equation on the other side of what the cost is to society for turning people out of jail who have been sentenced under the law to mandatory sentencing that now is being reversed under this bill.”

While recidivism rates are expected to be lower among the criminals who this law impacts, according to supporters, King is skeptical that perpetrators of violent crimes won’t be released.

“These non-violent criminals being put into that definition often plea bargain down from some crime that may have been a violent crime,” King said.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall