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The Iowa Standard has been critical of Democrats in Iowa running for federal office due to their support of the so-called “Equality Act.” This bill will present many dangers, including putting 40-year old men who think their women in the stall next to your 6-year old daughter.

The ramifications are wide-reaching.

And, unfortunately, The Iowa Standard has also been critical of the Republicans who aren’t making it a campaign issue despite overwhelming polling that shows the sane position has plenty of support in the Hawkeye State.

Congressman Steve King has been a vocal critic of the Equality Act.

“The Equality Act is an issue I have fought since 1999,” King told The Iowa Standard. “I successfully sued Gov. Vilsack over his executive order granting special protected status for sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Bottom line is, one cannot grant statutory protection for self-proclaimed characteristics. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VII, grants protected status for these characteristics: race, color, religion, sex or national origin. Religion is specifically protected constitutionally, the others are immutable characteristics, meaning they can be independently verified and cannot be willfully changed.

“The ‘woke age’ characteristics promoted by LGBTQRS are all mutable characteristics in the amorphous category. Once you grant individuals the right to self-proclaimed urges or behaviors and reward them with special protected status, they have a blank check for victimhood. The legal structure is unsustainable in a rational world.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall