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Congressman Steve King announces that he has been named a “TAXPAYER HERO” by the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste after their review of his voting record in the 1st session of the 116th Congress. King was not only named a “TAXPAYER HERO,” but his score of 95% on the CCAGW scorecard is the highest score received by any member of Iowa’s House or Senate delegation. King’s score of 95% is also much higher than the average score for Republican members generally (88%) and for Democrat members generally (2%).

“We are stewards of taxpayer’s money, and each of us has a responsibility to ensure that we put an end to Washington D.C.’s out-of-control spending,” said King. “I am pleased to have been named a ‘TAXPAYER HERO’ by the Citizens Against Government Waste. I am already looking forward to seeing their next scorecard, which should include a high score for my recent vote against Speaker Pelosi’s $3 trillion socialist wish list, the biggest spending bill in history, and one that was crammed full of unnecessary spending on liberal agenda items unrelated to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The CCAGW’s Ratings of the Iowa Delegation

Congressional ratings have been used by the CCAGW since 1989, “to help identify which members of Congress have defended taxpayer interests and which have backed away from their promises of fiscal responsibility. The Congressional Ratings separate the praiseworthy from the profligate by evaluating important tax, spending, transparency, and accountability measures.”

The CCAGW ratings for all Members of Congress may be found at this link.


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