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Congressman Steve King releases the following statement declaring victory in last night’s District 4 Candidate Forum in Clay County. It was a banner night for Congressman King, as he was able to place State Senator Randy Feenstra’s increasing reliance on liberal, Washington D.C. special interest money on full display for the Conservative Republican voters of the 4th District to consider.

In King’s closing remarks, he made the following statement about the extent to which State Senator Feenstra has already sold his candidacy to liberal interest groups. In recent days, Feenstra has proudly announced receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign support from organizations King describes as “the RINO PAC,” “the anti-Heartbeat PAC”, the “Amnesty PAC,” and the “Gambling PAC.”

Said King:

“I learned that one of them [Feenstra] is supported by the RINO PAC, the anti-HeartBeat PAC, the Amnesty PAC, and the Gambling PAC. And that tells you a little bit of…birds of a feather do flock together. There is no way to maintain your integrity if that’s the people that are behind you. This is a swamp in Washington, D.C… and I’ve been under pressure because I have taken this swamp on. And if you want to look at Donald Trump and see what he’s facing, I’m facing the same thing on a bit smaller scale.”

Who are the special interest groups lining up to support Senator “Red Flag Randy Feenstra”?

The “RINO PAC” refers to the Republican Main Street Partnership, a gun-grabbing entity that recently announced its intention to spend $100,000 in support of Senator Feenstra’s campaign. This endorsement has become a huge political problem for Feenstra in the 4th Congressional District, as this “RINO PAC” advocates using strict “Red Flag” laws to take away the Second Amendment Right of Americans to Keep and Bear Arms.

The “Anti-Heartbeat PAC” refers to National Right for Life, which has used a veto granted to it by former, discredited Speaker Paul Ryan to successfully prevent King’s “Heartbeat Protection Act” from receiving a vote in the House even though it had the votes necessary to pass. National Right to Life has endorsed State Senator Feenstra, who should be embarrassed to receive the support of an organization that opposes and works against the principle that “if a heartbeat is detected, a baby is protected.”

The “Amnesty PAC” is a direct reference to the United States Chamber of Commerce, which has long prioritized the passage of legislation that would grant Amnesty to illegal aliens despite their having violated federal immigration law to enter the country. King is often credited with having laid the foundation for President Trump’s tough, Rule of Law, anti-illegal immigration policies, and has been credited with killing previous Amnesty legislation on the federal level, making his removal a priority for the “U.S. Chamber of Amnesty.”

The “Gambling PAC” refers to a PAC run by Christopher Rants that is donating heavily to Senator Feenstra’s campaign. To the extent that State Senator Feenstra has established a reputation in the Iowa legislature, it is solely for breaking his promise to the voters on the expansion of legalized gambling in the state. Feenstra, who ran on a promise to oppose gambling’s expansion, betrayed his voters by shepherding the largest expansion of gambling in the state’s history through the Iowa legislature. Unsurprisingly, Mr. Rants is one of the chief gambling lobbyists in the state.

As King concluded in his remarks:

“But you know this, I have never let you down. Not on any matter of principle. Not on anything that has to do with the platform of the Republican Party. I have run to the sound of the guns every time. And I’ve not only walked towards the fire. I’ve walked through the fire and I’m deeply tempered by that experience and I can face those people down because I’m right and they’re wrong and they know it by now.”

By showing himself to be the unwavering, truly principled conservative leader in the debate, King secured the victory. State Senator Feenstra’s inability to separate himself from these liberal special interest groups poses yet another problem for his struggling candidacy. Previously, Feenstra couldn’t answer Simon Conway’s questions about his questionable ties to the gun-grabbing Main Street Partnership. How will Feenstra fare now that voters know he’s apparently never met a RINO he didn’t like?