Congresswoman-elect Axne makes miscues

Congresswoman-elect Cindy Axne (D-IA Third District) has had a few slip-ups in the past week. We give credit to Axne for being active with the media and issuing statements on the issues of the day, but we’d encourage her to rethink a few things.

On Dec. 15, Axne reacted to a decision from a judge in Texas regarding ObamaCare.

“If this decision to strike down the Affordable Care Act stands, it will hurt millions of Iowans who rely on protections for pre-existing conditions,” Axne said.

For the record, there are 3.146 million Iowans. We’re not sure that this decision will truly hurt “millions” of Iowans.

On Thursday night Axne talked about the looming government shutdown.

“We want to make sure those who are employed by the federal government are going to have a paycheck as well it’s really important we keep the government functioning for our democracy,” Axne reportedly said.

Two words come to mind…constitutional republic.

Finally, late Friday night, Axne put out a statement regarding the government shutdown. This time she expressed concern over national security.

“It is irresponsible and dangerous that Republicans in Washington have resorted to shutting down the government and endangering our national security, instead of supporting a bipartisan funding bill. Iowans are fed up with partisan politics that are hurting our communities,” Axne said.

The reason for the shutdown is the Republicans’ desire to STRENGTHEN national security by funding a border wall. Democrats are standing in the way and forcing the shutdown.

Iowans are fed up with politics hurting their communities, like Brooklyn, where Mollie Tibbetts was allegedly murdered by an illegal alien in July.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall