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On my drive down to Des Moines yesterday afternoon I was thinking about how perfect of an illustration we currently have when it comes to why the Left is seemingly pushing the ball when it comes to American politics — and why it has for the last couple decades (at least).

If you are looking for the short version, here — they want it more.

It is actually as simple as that. When a company or league or decision-maker decides to do something that goes against the Left’s beliefs (calling them “values” just doesn’t seem right) the Left is willing to “go to war” about it.

I’m guessing there aren’t many photographers, bakers, etc. who have been sued successfully and put out of business by Christian conservatives. I haven’t seen many stories about “conservative indoctrination” happening on college campuses or in government school classrooms.

Why? Because the political Left — as wrong as they are — has demonstrated a consistent willingness to attack anyone and anything that gets in its way.

Here is the “perfect illustration” I thought about…

Look at where we are today, April 6, 2021. We still have a fair amount of moms and dads reluctantly masking their kids for school. We’re a full year into this whole 15 days to flatten the curve thing.

Those of us on the political right are attempting to accomplish the right thing the right way. But little progress has been made.

Now, look at the political Left. It literally has just encouraged a major professional sports league to move its All-Star Game due to state election laws.

MLB made that decision knowing most of its fans would not support it. But they also know which side of the American public will cause the most harm if they did not capitulate to the radical Left.

Democrats will stop at nothing to achieve their goals here on Earth because, unlike conservatives, for the most part, this is it for liberals. They’re not “living with the end in sight.” They’re not concerned about the afterlife. They want their utopia here. And they’re willing to create it through whatever means necessary.

The Left advances its agenda for a few reasons…

One, when Democrats control the government, they actually aggressively govern and push their agenda. They’re not overly worried about “the next election,” they’re busy trying to implement as much of their agenda as possible.

Two, they live out their beliefs. Again, I hesitate to call them values. But they will not support those who do not support their lunacy. And if someone or some company lines up against their lunacy, it’s an all-out assault. They will find a way to cripple that individual or that business through whatever means necessary.

Let’s say the politics of the whole masking thing was reversed. And it was liberal Democrats who wanted individual freedom and choice to be upheld. Do you really think all of these school boards, local governments and private businesses would still be enforcing these mask mandates?

We all know that answer.

And if the NBA and Major League Baseball and NFL were making decisions that went against what the political Left wanted, do we really not think our liberal neighbors would hesitate to make life a living hell for those decision-makers?

Not a chance.

But Republicans get over it. They get upset. They might even voice their frustration. But at the end of the day, they take it. They take it over and over and over.

The “red line” just gets pushed further and further back.

I’m not sure if that’s due to a lack of leadership at the top or if it is simply a lack of will from folks at the bottom.

But I know it has to end.

I know conservatives need to begin to speak out and stand up for their beliefs and values. They need to fight for them. They need to argue for them. They need to be willing to give something up in order to win.

Conservatives need to realize they’re right. They’re on the side of truth. They’re on the side of good. And they need to be willing to invest at least as much zeal as those who are on the side of evil.

When that happens — and only when that happens — will the tide truly change in this country.

Author: Jacob Hall