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Sometimes when you fight, you win. That was the message delivered by Alex Marlow at America Fest 2022. Marlow serves as editor-in-chief at Breitbart news, is a radio host and best-selling author.

He started his talk by revisiting 2012. Barack Obama was on the ballot. He compared Obama’s 2012 re-election effort with the 2008 bid.

“You might remember that actually when Obama ran in 2008 he actually ran as a god-like savior who was going to save America from Americans who were ruining it — in his opinion,” Marlow said.

He shared this quote from Obama during the 2008 campaign:

“I am absolutely certain that, generations from now, we will be able to look back and tell our children that this was the moment when we began to provide care for the sick and good jobs to the jobless. This was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.”

“It’s incredible. It’s heroic,” Marlow said of 2008 Obama. “It’s also completely absurd.”

Health care got worse and more expensive under Obama. The nation became more polarized. The tides didn’t drop.

“It seems like ever since every year is the hottest year on record,” he said. “Except for 1934. Never bring up 1934 because it ruins all the media’s narrative.”

But in 2012, Obama had to run as a “mere mortal.” A lackluster economy, ballooned federal spending, insane debt, ObamaCare and the concern over radical Islamic terrorism — it all meant one thing.

“It was very clear we were finally going to rid ourselves of Barack Obama,” Marlow said. “We were finally going to be able to end this experiment where we put a half-term Senator, full-term community organizer in charge of our country. We were going to win. There was only one problem — our nominee.”

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan lost. In fact, Ryan lost the vice presidential debate to Joe Biden.

“Can you imagine that,” Marlow asked. “Losing a debate to a guy who can’t tell the difference between his wife and his sister.”

In the aftermath of the loss, Republicans did an autopsy. And the one memorable takeaway on the reason for the loss was that the GOP wasn’t sufficiently pro-illegal immigration. Republicans needed to back amnesty. That was the message.

Conservatives didn’t like it.

“People were losing their mind because Republicans were telling us that the key to success was more lawlessness,” Marlow said. “The first thing was to grant amnesty to illegal aliens and next thing you win — it’s genius. And better yet, you won’t get called a racist. The only problem is that argument is totally false.”

Most illegal aliens are economic migrants, he added. They come to America for money. And they’ll vote for the party that gives the most handouts.

A language barrier has hurt the GOP’s ability to communicate with illegal immigrants as well. Marlow said the establishment didn’t care about advancing the conservative movement, it was an effort to bring in cheap labor to lower wages of Americans, create more competition and raise stocks.

“This was the work of the Republican donor class,” he said. “It wasn’t about the future of the movement. It was about these cheap workers. It was all a hoax. A hoax perpetrated by the establishment.”

A civil war broke out ideologically within the Republican Party. Marlow said there was a clear need to throw out the GOP establishment and the globalists.

“I’m pleased to say that that’s more or less what happened,” he said. “Fast forward to 2015 and all a sudden conservatives literally united behind a chant of ‘Build the wall. Build the wall. Build the wall.’ And you make Mexico pay for it.

“This is just three years after we were told by the people running the party we needed to not only have a wall, we needed to tell everyone who is here illegally, you get amnesty.”

Ryan retired from politics. Romney basically became a Democrat, Marlow said.

“Sometimes when we fight, we win,” he said. “That’s lesson number one.”

Marlow said beating them in one single election cycle was unbelievable. He highlighted a plan to fund establishment journalists to the National Defense Authorization Act. Conservatives fought, he said, and won.

“When we fought the JCPA, you know what else came out, the military vaccine mandate came out of the NDAA,” he said.

A scheme to make it easier for marijuana businesses to do banking was also removed — from the bill that funds the military.

“Sometimes when you fight you win,” he said.

COVID authoritarians are beginning to be reeled back in, he said. The Twitter Files are exposing the censorship that has taken place for years.

“There is unity on the right in terms of what are the key values these days,” he said.

This includes inflation, gas prices, open borders, the hatred of establishment media, the hatred of Big Tech, the threat from China and the desire to bring back manufacturing jobs to the United States.

“The Second Amendment — the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” he said. “So long as that is the case, you will have unity on the right over these values.

“How about getting fed up with cutting blank checks to foreign countries without knowing where the money is going or what we’re getting back. And I’m looking at you, Ukraine, on that one.”

While Democrats used abortion to advance their politics in 2022, Marlow said there are a few things in life more important than a couple of political victories.

“And one of those things is life itself,” he said.

While Republicans continually point to candidate quality as the reason for a disappointing midterm election, Marlow reminded the audience that John Fetterman won in Pennsylvania. In addition, a person was re-elected to the Pennsylvania Senate named Tony DeLuca.

“You probably haven’t heard of him because he’s dead,” Marlow said. “So, you see my point. What does matter? We’ve got the right values. The candidates — not going to deal with that. What does matter? It actually is coming back to my story at the beginning of the talk — community organizing.”

Marlow cautioned the audience not to laugh but said we should learn from Barack Obama.

“How else could Joe Biden, John Fetterman and the dead guy from Pennsylvania win elections,” Marlow asked. “It’s community organizing. It is people getting organized. That is how you explain any left-wing success that we’re having in this country.

“If we have learned anything it’s that it is not necessarily about who is on the ballot or what is on the ballot it is that the ballot physically goes into the ballot box.”

Marlow said it is up to conservatives where we go from here. He said we can “Netflix and chill” while being content that we have the best values, the funniest memes and the best-looking women.

“We can feel content about that and continue to lose,” he said. “Or we take a different approach. We take the approach the Left has been taking. We take those lessons of Barack Obama, of Marc Elias, of George Soros, of the World Economic Forum and we get organized. So my mission for you today is I want you to appreciate that America is still the last best hope for the Earth. Despite the best efforts of the Left, we enjoy most of the freedoms our founding fathers left us and many others that they probably hadn’t even thought of. Most importantly, I want to get you fired up. I want you to engage in the process at a civic level. Even more deeply than you had in the past. I want you to put in the hard work. And I still want you to have fun and be fearless. But most importantly, we have to get organized. And if we do that, this country will see the strongest conservative movement that we’ve ever seen.”


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