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Col. John A. Eidsmoe, Esq., will be in Holstein on Sunday, Jan. 20, discussing “The Faith of Our Founding Fathers.” Eidsmoe is a world-class speaker, theologian, author and constitutional attorney. A native Iowan, Eidsmoe is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel and ordained pastor.

“Deciding whether the Founding Fathers were Christians or Deists, we need to look at what they themselves said and did, not what scholars two centuries later write about them,” Eidsmoe said. “At Faith Lutheran Sunday evening, Jan. 20, we will look at the evidence, and we’ll find that the vast majority of the Framers were strong, professing Christians and actively involved with Christian churches.”

The event is free and open to the public and will begin at 6:30 p.m. at Faith Lutheran Church (113 N. Main St., Holstein). Q&A, refreshments and fellowship will follow the discussion.

“Col. Eidsmoe’s breadth of education and experience makes him highly sought after in the pulpit, the courtroom and the classroom,” said Lori Leonard Reyman, owner of Section 23 Media and a member at Faith Lutheran. “We feel blessed to have an expert with his vast knowledge of the Christian foundation on which our country was built speaking at Faith Lutheran for the second time. We hope to draw all ages, including high school students who are studying History and Government in our area schools.”

Eidsmoe has successfully litigated cases involving First Amendment religious freedom and has defended home education and Christian schools. He’s championed the right of students and teachers to study the Bible in public schools, debated ACLU attorneys on radio and TV, and served on the Ten Commandments Legal Defense Team.

“The American colonists came from a country in which King George III was the head of the Church of England,” Eidsmoe said. “That’s the ‘establishment of religion’ our founders guarded against in the First Amendment. They didn’t leave England to get away from teammates saying prayers at football games, or to protest Bibles in hotel rooms on university campuses. School policies that prohibit mention of God or religion go way beyond what the Constitution requires and depending on the case, may violate the First Amendment guarantee of free exercise of religion and free speech.”

With five degrees in law, theology and political science, Eidsmoe has taught legal history and church history at law schools and seminaries. He has authored more than 12 books, including “Christianity & the Constitution,” “Columbus & Cortez” and the video series titled “The Institute on the Constitution.”

“Laws are based upon moral values, and morality is rooted in religious belief,” Eidsmoe said. “The Founding Fathers’ Christian beliefs influenced their views of human nature, government power, human rights and human equality.”

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