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The following was passed along from contacts at Scott County Republicans. To perhaps add some compelling information to the communication, the links immediately below will be helpful.   Read them first and your ardor to follow through on contacting these Iowa legislators will be enhanced.  They are compelling because they contain authoritative links supporting their message and corroborating the need for the legislation.

Will the ‘Unvaxxed’ Have the Last Laugh?   https://townhall.com/columnists/robjenkins/2022/02/13/will-the-unvaxxed-have-the-last-laugh-n2603212


‘Health nightmare’: Dr. Robert Malone spotlights study on mRNA spike protein. https://www.wnd.com/2022/02/health-nightmare-dr-robert-malone-spotlights-study-mrna-spike-protein/

We have amended a sample message that references the links without making them active which due to firewalls in the legislative website can prevent your message from getting through.

Call to contact legislators to sponsor Medical Privacy and Freedom Act HSB 647

This is an urgent call to action for Iowans this weekend and early Monday/Tuesday. Please contact these Republicans and ask them to co-sponsor the Medical Privacy and Freedom Act HSB 647 and to vote for it in Committee and on the floor vote!  Please call the governor’s office and urge her to meet with Republicans to discuss it.*Sponsored by the House State Government Committee- Chairman Bobby Kaufmann

*Chaired by: Reps. Jon Jacobsen and Mark Cisneros – Please send them a thank you!!  Link to the bill:


This bill, the Medical  Privacy and Freedom Act would ban businesses, educational institutes, government agencies, and employers from inquiring of medical status, or for denying access to goods and services, privileges, licensing, healthcare, or transportation based on medical status or lack of a medical  passport.

       Although vaccine passports are not allowed in Iowa for the general public to shop and travel, a vaccine mandate was still implemented by many employers voluntarily.  Segregation and discrimination is rampant.  Yesterday,  a subcommittee of the State Government Committee  heard testimony at the Capital in Des Moines for the proposed legislation The Medical Privacy and Freedom Act.  Iowa residents and doctors testified for hours about the discrimination they are facing in the work place and other facilities related to vaccination status or mask wearing status.  The situation is dire for many.  Some  companies are segregating patients, segregating employees, making exemptions extremely hard to get, or are getting ready to fire people for not getting the Covid Vaccine.  Vaccine status is  being used by human resources departments for new hires as a condition of employment. One person testified that she was denied work at 11 places because of her vaccine status.

This bill will be considered in the State Government Committee the week of Feb. 14th.  In order for it to pass out to the floor for a full house vote, we need all freedom lovers who believe that medical care should be a personal choice and not a mandateto please email all of the Republicans listed below. Some may not be interested in passing this bill, so we need to make sure that our voices are heard clearly that this is what we want.  There is already lobbying  opposition from big businesses (some from other states), and also from big medical associations, whose parent companies are national or they may receive funding from the federal government’s Department of Health and Human Services branch.  We cannot let outside interests drown out our voice. We are The People of Iowa, and it’s supposed to be our voice that is heeded. Not big business or big associations. We need 12 out of 14 of these to vote yes.

Bobby Kaufmann (R, District 73), Chair             [email protected]

Jon Jacobsen (R, District 22)                               [email protected]

Brooke Boden (R, District 26), Vice Chair          [email protected]

Robert P. Bacon (R, District 48)                           [email protected]

Jane Bloomingdale (R, District 51)                      [email protected]

Jacob Bossman (R, District 6)                               [email protected]

Megan Jones (R, District 2)                                    [email protected]

Ann Meyer (R, District 9)                                      [email protected]

Shannon Lundgren (R, District 57)                       [email protected]

Joe Mitchell (R, District 84)                                   [email protected]

Thomas Jay Moore (R, District 21)                      [email protected]

Carter F. Nordman (R, District 19)                      [email protected]

Mike Sexton (R, District 10)                                  [email protected]

Brent Siegrist (R, District 16)                                [email protected]


Suggested message:

Dear _______

This message is to ask your cosponsorship of Medical Privacy and Freedom Act HSB 647 sponsored by Representatives Jon Jacobsen and Mark Cisneros. Ability to work or receive services should not be predicated on giving up medical autonomy. Below are two articles complete with references to the statements therein that will lend credence to the importance of this legislation. Because of anticipated firewalls affecting the delivery of this message to you,  please visit the home page of the publication and search for the articles name:

‘Health nightmare’: Dr. Robert Malone spotlights study on mRNA spike protein.  – at World Net Daily

Will the ‘Unvaxxed’ Have the Last Laugh?    — at Townhall


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