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Brandon Morse hosted a COVID forum at America Fest 2022 in Phoenix in late December. Joining him were Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Laura Sextro and Iowa’s own Steve Deace.

Morse opened by noting a lot of people would not allow the gathering to take place.

“There are a lot of people out there who would still have us in lockdowns and wearing masks and injecting us with vaccines that haven’t been proven and do not work,” he said. “This fascism is what we want to talk about today.”

Dr. Kheriaty is with the Unity Project and Ethics and Public Policy Center. He challenged the University of California’s vaccine mandate in federal court and said he was fired as a result. He’s still fighting “unjust mandates and irrational COVID policies.”

Sextro is CEO of the Unity Project, which she said is fighting to stop the vaccine and masking mandates, along with all the “crazy government overreach” resulting from COVID.

Deace is from Blaze TV and is a best-selling author. He wrote “Faucian Bargain: The Most Powerful and Dangerous Bureaucrat in American History” and is working on a new book to be released next year called “Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial, So This Never Happens Again.”

“I came all this way to demand Nuremberg-like trials with Nuremberg-like punishments,” he said. “Period.”

Morse noted that everyone sensibly allowed to the lockdowns initially, but it “swiftly” came clear they were not working. And that same clarity came with vaccines and the idea states should remain closed.

“(Florida) proved that all of this was unnecessary,” he said. “And yet we still had a lot of people who were in powerful positions saying we still need to lockdown, we need to do all the stuff.”

For Morse, it came to a head in January of 2022 when a Ronald McDonald House in Canada kicked out a 4-year-old leukemia patient due to their vaccination status.

“This is unnecessary and it proves to us that this was never about health and safety,” he said. “This was always about authoritarianism and tyranny.”

Kheriaty said it wasn’t just about a method of trying to control a respiratory virus, but a new model of surveillance and control. He said the model has been in development for 20 years.

Kheriaty is a plaintiff in the Missouri v. Biden lawsuit. Dr. Anthony Fauci was deposed in that case and, according to Kheriaty, admitted there was no evidence for lockdowns in scientific literature. It came from Wuhan on the word of a deputy who had just returned from Wuhan early in the pandemic in February of 2020 and believed the CCP propaganda that authoritarian lockdowns, the virus would be stopped.

“Once the United States decided to lock down, the rest of the world followed suit,” he said. “These lockdowns continued even after the collateral harms, the mental health harms, the economic harms, the other health-related harms became very apparent. And it’s clear now that this was about a new model of governance and control. It was about advancing things that under ordinary circumstances Americans never would have accepted. But with the deployment of fear, with the deployment of, really war-time level, very sophisticated propaganda, tech elites who were in bed with deep state actors, basically advanced this agenda and most Americans are still just barely waking up to exactly what has happened to us over the last three years.”

Sextro called the last three years a “test” to see how the American population and global community will respond to these examples of government overreach and lockdowns.

“We’re talking about denying people access to even move about freely within their own respective communities,” she said. “We’re talking about injecting children with a gene therapy, and I choose that word very intentionally — this is not a vaccine, these are gene therapies. They’re still experimental and I think everyone in this room should be very proud of the stance that you have taken to oppose and not engage in this government test that we’ve all been subjected to.”

Deace said people receive as much tyranny as they comply with.

“Governments do not restrain themselves voluntarily,” he said. “You’re dealing with an over one-hundred-year battle to impose Malthusian ethics, Darwinian Descent of Man stuff, depopulation, deconstruction, the eradication of Western Civilization. We are playing for no lower stakes than the future of Western Civilization. That is the minimum we’re playing for.”

Deace said rather than the Dark Ages, after Western Civilization, it’ll be a technocratic age — if we lose.

“It’ll be ESG, social credit scores,” he said. “You won’t have to worry about bubonic plague from rat excrement like they did in the middle ages, but everything that technologically they give you will be for the purposes of control — like electric cars that can’t travel more than 300 miles in a day so you can’t get away if you want. Everything with the spirit of the age is about two words and two words only — power and control. And if you don’t exert your power, if you don’t become ungovernable by the spirit of the age, ‘We will no longer comply with this evil, do your worst.’ Anything short of that and they will have control.”

Sextro said the COVID situation has nothing to do with public health and safety and it never has.

“When you are talking about an experimental drug, that does not stop the acquisition or transmission of this virus, it has nothing to do with public health and safety,” she said.

Morse called that a “scary thought” because if it isn’t about public health and safety then it is all about authority and how much they can push onto people.

The next “pandemic” might be an energy crisis or some other crisis.

Kheriaty noted that while many of the policies have been rolled back, the infrastructure is still in place just waiting for the next declared public health crisis.

“We’ve seen an effort even prior to the pandemic to reframe other issues, from racism to climate change to energy as ‘public health issues’ so that they could be declared a public health crisis,” he said. “We’ve seen serious proposals from politicians in power, from people in academic, Ivy League universities, publishing proposals that we use lockdowns, for example, to deal with the climate crisis. Or the energy crisis in Europe. These things are not going away and the next steps in this process are also very important to understand. COVID is just the beginning of what’s going to be rolled out under the auspice of public health.”

He speculated that digital IDs tied to biometric data may be the next thing to get people accustomed to, along with central bank digital currencies.

“Once this kind of system is put in place, it’s going to be very, very difficult to resist,” he said. “Because an algorithm in the sky or a person behind the screen can push a button and you can no longer buy and sell gas. So the window is closing for us to recognize what’s happening and resist it.”

Sextro said the “pandemic” was actually a good thing in a strange way.

“It was a way for us to start peeling back the layers and identifying the behavior patterns that we as Americans have actually engaged in probably for a few decades and ceding over our freedoms and responsibility to the government in ways we were unaware of and it’s led to where we are today,” she said.

Morse predicted the government would return to this idea of force through fear in another decade or two.

“You are only as controllable as you are afraid,” he said. “It’s always about not accepting the fear they try to push on you.”

Deace said until they’re honest about the “poisonous jabs,” and about the body count, whenever the term “died suddenly” appears, until they start telling the truth, it is automatically attributed to the “death shot.”

Sextro said a lot of people have told her what she’s doing is reckless and irresponsible and will lead to the deaths of many people.

“My natural response is that no one knows anyone that has actually died of COVID,” she said. “Now that statement might shock you. What we know are people who have died due to a government and a pharmaceutical industry that has denied them access to effective, early treatment.”

Morse noted the side effect of all the lockdowns and mandates — job losses, suicide attempts, etc. Suicide attempts with young girls increased 50 percent.

“There is a lack of what I would call empathy from a government who does not care about what it takes to actually be isolated, to be in lockdowns, to be under that kind of thumb,” he said. “All they care about is how much they can push on you.”

Kheriaty, who specializes in psychiatry, published a piece in October of 2020 called “The Other Pandemic” due to evidence and data from the summer of 2020 of the collateral mental health harms of the lockdowns.

Depression tripled, anxiety quadrupled, and one-in-10 Americans in June of 2020 reported serious suicidal ideation. Young adults, 18-24 years old, 1-in-4 seriously contemplated suicide in 2020.

“We had a crisis of deaths by despair,” he said. “Deaths by opioid overdose, drug overdose, alcohol-related illness and suicide prior to the pandemic. And the lockdown and school closures poured gasoline on that fire. Any attempt made to try to bring attention to this was simply silenced.”

Sextro called it “psychological terrorism committed on the adolescent community at the hands of government officials.” She called the school unions the biggest terrorist organization we’ve seen.

Deace noted his wife is a therapist and the office cannot handle the demand among kids even in Iowa — despite the fact Iowa was one of the most free and most open states during the pandemic.

“They have to turn young adults and teenagers away because of the demand they created with this PSYOP of what they did to our kids,” Deace said. “And they want it to continue. They’ll keep masking your kids until you refuse them. They will keep pushing these jabs on your kids — they’re running ads in states like mine saying if pregnant women get the jab they can pass those antibodies onto their children — don’t fall for anything of that. Until we can stop this, they’ll keep doing it.”

Morse said he fears that his young child may wind up in a lockdown or a restriction.

“If resisting tyranny is anything, it’s protecting the future for your children,” he said. “We have to be able to tell these people no. No, we’re not going to do this anymore. We’re not going to take this. We’re going to resist. We’re going to fight back. And for the sake of our children who need to be free in order to be whole even, I hate the idea that this is happening. But this is a multi-tiered push. This is happening from not just Washington, our media backed these people up with every lie that they possibly could and then asked for amnesty after it was all said and done, after we watched our relatives die alone by themselves in hospitals. After businesses left and right, all over, over 200,000 was the count in 2021, that’s how many businesses were shut down. Livelihoods disappeared. We have to somehow secure not just the messaging from a local standpoint, we have to make inroads into our media to make sure that they cannot continue to spread these lies.”

Kheriaty called for personal responsibility and an acknowledgment of wrong and harm.

“I’m a Christian man, I am all in favor of forgiveness, society definitely needs healing right now,” he said. “But truth in reconciliation begins with truth.”

He pointed to the Truth in Reconciliation Commissions in South Africa and noted how difficult it was for all involved.

‘Until we have public acknowledgment of truth on the part of people who pushed harmful policies, we can’t move forward and we cannot talk about amnesty,” he said. “They’re not asking your forgiveness, they’re just forgiving themselves and wanting us to sweep this under the carpet. That is no way to move forward as a society that has been scared and harmed in the way that we have over the last three years.”

Deace closed by noting prior to grace and redemption, there must be atonement and justice.

“The reason we brought out gallows at Nuremberg was there had to be an atonement, there had to be justice — after a fair trial of course,” he said. “And this time, they’re the ones that need to atone. This time, they’re the ones that need to find justice and there will be no grace, there will be no redemption without atonement and justice. And that’s what previous generations did and that’s why they weren’t able to do this for 70 years until now. And they will do it again in just the next few years unless we repeat what the previous generations did by demanding justice and atonement and put these people on trial.”


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