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I want to address something that I think needs to be said. And I hope to do so in a way that isn’t dismissing the efforts of the “moms” and isn’t totally degrading to the lack of effort I’m seeing from the “dads.”

And first, let me say up front I’m not saying this is universal. We do have men showing up at the Capitol and speaking out against the insanity happening in our state. So if you’re one of the few good men showing up to do this, know that I see you and I hear you.

OK, seriously. If you’re one of the men showing up and speaking out do you really care if I see you or hear you? That’s just a fancy tagline I heard a “progressive” politician give once. I don’t think he meant it, at all, but I’m sure it helped people “feel” better about voting for him.

Back to the point…I have attended a number of hearings and subcommittees and committee meetings about books and gender identity and parental choice in education and that whole gambit.

I’ve heard from “the moms” over and over. And over. Aaaaand over.

And that’s great. It’s great they have the time to invest at the Capitol and it’s great they’re standing up for their rights and their kids.

But by and large, it sure feels like the men are missing the boat. I know, I know. Many of them have real jobs and other commitments and can’t get away during the day to head to the Capitol. I get it.

But could they take turns finding a day to show up at the Capitol? Just one? And maybe the next day another four or five could take a day? Just one? And then the next day another four or five could take one? And so on. And so forth…

I don’t know if the men realize this, but the attacks on the traditional family launched by “progressives” are targeting everything we are supposed to protect. The attacks are being launched directly at our kids. There is no doubt the children are in the crosshairs of the “progressives.”

And while I really appreciate seeing so many moms fighting this battle, it isn’t really their battle to right. Because they’re coming for the family. They’re coming for our kids.

And that’s where we, men, are supposed to step up and do our job. We are supposed to be the protector.

Are we filling that role?

What I hope we recognize is what happens when we abdicate this role and allow the “moms” to go about this alone. And no, it isn’t enough to “support” them by allowing them to engage or encouraging them at home. This is a brutal battle they’re engaging in and it isn’t easy. They’re being threatened, they’re being beaten up in the media and they’re being harassed.

They’re taking the arrows we are supposed to be taking. Are you OK with that?

I don’t believe that the men are taking this threat to the family and to our kids as seriously as we are supposed to. And along those lines, I don’t believe we’re fulfilling our purpose and our role in fighting back.

At all.

The moms have certainly sounded the alarm that there is a problem (or two) in our state when it comes to this radical LGBTQ agenda. But they aren’t the ones who will fix it.

The men need to start getting upset. And angry. And don’t believe the lying liberal media or “progressive Christians” — it’s OK to be a man and be angry. It’s called righteous anger.

They’re telling little boys they can become girls. They’re telling little girls they can become boys. They’re telling your kids to reject what we know to be basic and true and instead not only accept a lie but embrace it and go along with it.

They’re exposing children to sexually obscene materials. They’re keeping gender identity of kids secret from parents.

They fully expect your daughter to be OK with a boy in the girls’ restroom or locker room.

You good with that?

Look, we aren’t the quickest bunch in the world. Sometimes we need a bit of a reality check or a slap in the face to get us going.

But men, if you aren’t actively in this fight by now, I have to ask, what the heck are you waiting for?

Really? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting until it directly impacts your child? Your family? Your home?

Because if that’s what it will take, then I am afraid to say by then it will be too late. The damage will be done.

I know we like simple things. We don’t like rocking the boat. We’re living in a time where the last thing men are supposed to be is, well, men.

But what is your family worth to you? Is your comfort really that much more valuable than the society that your kids and grandkids will grow up in?

What are you doing in this moment? What are you doing at this very time in history where there is an actual debate on something as basic as what makes a woman, a woman?

Are you fulfilling your role? Are you fighting for the culture? Are you fighting for your family? Or are you leaving that to someone else?

There is no straddling the fence on this one. Neutrality is not an option. You’re either all in or you’re on the other side.

I suggest you get comfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable. Because if you aren’t willing to become uncomfortable, then the things that make you uncomfortable today will be the “new normal” tomorrow that your children will have to simply accept, affirm and celebrate.

It’s great to see so many moms and grandmas engaged. But it’s gravely concerning to see a lack of fathers and grandpas.

Call me old-fashioned, but guys, you are the protectors. Many of you are failing.

Realize it. Recognize it. Retreat from it.

It’s up to you if you continue doing little to nothing about these culture wars.

I don’t think many of you would deny there is a problem. Now you need to figure out what you are going to do about it.

There is a time to love and a time to hate. A time for war and a time for peace.

Look around at the education system. Look around at pop culture. Look around the internet. Heck, look around the shelves of your local school library.

We’re losing fellas. We’re losing. We’ve been losing for quite some time. We’ve lost so much that we’re actually at a point where it is a partisan debate about whether sexually obscene materials should be made available to kids in schools. We’re at a point where one of the two major political parties in this country is embracing the idea of mutilating a child’s body in an effort to turn boys into girls and girls into boys.

None of you can deny that is the moment we are in. And everything you’ve done — everything — has gotten us here. If you’re not comfortable with where we’re at, then you’d better find a way to do a little bit more than you have.

For some of you that will require a lot. For most of you it will require hardly anything because, if we’re being honest, you’ve done very little.

Here’s the thing. this isn’t over. It’ll never be over. This isn’t a game with a clock that will hit triple zeroes and we’ll all agree to go home and live with the results.

This is an onslaught from the Left. They’ll never be satisfied. Yesterday it was gay marriage. Today it’s gender identity. Tomorrow it’ll be “destigmatizing” pedophilia.

What’s it going to take to get you into the political arena?

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Author: Jacob Hall


  1. Very well said. The way the family goes, so goes the country. We need strong, Godly, outspoken dads defending our kids and supporting our moms, our Constitution. Men that are willing to put everything on the line.

    TIS is the best news source for truth in Iowa. Even beyond Iowa. I appreciate what you do.


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