De-transitioner expresses concern about kids, ‘gender-affirming’ care


A de-transitioning individual discusses the regret and expresses concern for the children caught in the radical gender-identity crosshairs.

“I’m angry. What’s going to happen to the kids and the youth? And there’s so much, like so many people who regret this. There’s more and more and more coming out and younger too. On puberty blockers, they’ve been on puberty blockers and, you know, I read one, that, you know, I think he went on puberty blockers at 16 and now he’s like 20 or 21 and he is like suicidal because his penis won’t grow anymore. It does damage. It makes me so angry. And what we’re going to get is a generation that’s screwed up. That are screwed up. In like 10, 15 years, wait, not even, I think it’s getting — it’s accelerating quite quickly. When we get 34-year-olds that are going to be like what the f*ck did I do when I was 16 or whatever. Like, and you can’t go back. You can’t go back. I’m sad for myself, of course, not in a victim kind of way but in like, I need to, this process of mourning who I was is touch and go. So, but I’m sad for humanity and the children and what’s going to happen when they’re screwed up. We’re going to see what’s going to happen and I really, really hope that all these professionals get their freaking karma because I know that some of them don’t realize and some of them might be brainwashed and whatever, but some of them know exactly what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing. Cash cowing.”


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