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Two years ago State Rep. Karin Derry vowed to teach the next generation about Iowa values. She said she’d be an “independent leader” in the Iowa House.

She has failed.

Derry has been one of the biggest proponents of abortion in the Iowa House. It seems difficult to teach the next generation about Iowa values if they’re being aborted instead.

While nearly half of Louisiana Democrats supported the abortion neutrality amendment, Derry was one of its most vocal critics here in Iowa.

The amendment, which simply stated there is no constitutional right to an abortion or funding of abortion, was also supported by Louisiana’s Democrat governor.

But here in Iowa, Rep. Derry traded her supposed concern for the “next generation” in exchange for abortion on demand.

“(Pro-lifers) use such inflammatory, deceptive and frankly insulting language to mislead and to distract from their true agenda,” Derry said.

The amendment would not have restricted one single abortion from happening in Iowa.

But Derry was relentless in her support for the practice of abortion.

It is hard to imagine a world where the right to life is not in the best interest of the next generation.

And it is equally difficult to distinguish exactly how Derry has been an “independent leader” in the Iowa House when she’s instead run routine interference for radical Iowa House Democrats.

Derry sponsored a bill to provide instruction regarding consent as it relates to sexual activity to first graders. 

That hardly seems to be the idea of an “independent leader” with the best interest of the “next generation” at heart.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall