Democrat Greenfield supports bill allowing 40-year old man who thinks he is a woman to use same restroom as 6-year old girl

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Make no mistake — Democrats who support the Equality Act support sacrificing women’s safety in restrooms, locker rooms and domestic violence shelters.

One might say those who support the Equality Act are engaging in a real war on women.

Yet Theresa Greenfield is one of those Democrats who has embraced the radical legislation. The bill proposes prohibiting discrimination based on “gender identity.” In essence, any actual male (biological male) who decide to self-identify as female would be legally entitled to enter a female restroom, a female locker room and protective facilities like battered-women’s shelters.

If and when the Equality Act is passed and signed into law, biological boys will immediately be eligible to play female sports. Biological boys will be immediately eligible to receive a scholarship for female athletics.

Under Theresa Greenfield’s Equality Act, a man destined for prison could identify as a female and instead be sent to a women’s prison.

There’s even risk of children being stripped away from their parents if the parents refuse to allow their child to undergo gender transition treatment.

Greenfield’s website says she will “proudly support” the Equality Act. She wants to celebrate flipping the Senate by passing the Equality Act.

Greenfield has pledged her full support when it comes to the idea of your six-year old daughter or granddaughter using the stall next to a 40-year old man who thinks he is a woman.

It is one more example of Greenfield embracing California liberalism rather than Iowa values.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall