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I was in Washington D.C. a week ago. I was at the protest outside the U.S. Capitol.

I’m glad I was, because if I wasn’t, I’d probably believe many of the lies and exaggerations being told.

Congresswoman Cindy Axne sent out a statement yesterday on the “racial disparities” in the treatment of rallies.

She said in the summer, demonstrators were met with rubber bullets, tear gas and “brutal beatings.”

It is as if she believes that stuff did not happen last week at the Capitol. And, if she believes that, she believes a lie.

There were people shot by rubber bullets at the Capitol. There was a lot of tear gas deployed. There was use of force to move the crowd back.

And, finally, there was a military veteran shot and killed inside the Capitol.

To my knowledge, and I may be wrong, not a single Black Lives Matter protester was shot and killed during a demonstration by police this last summer.

Keep in mind the Trump supporters do not hate the police. They don’t believe in defunding the police or that police are racist. They also don’t buy into the lie of systemic racism.

Yet the police still did their job when it came to trying to restore order at the Capitol.

I’m not sure why Democrats are lying about what happened at the Capitol other than they want to use it for political gain.

It’s selfish. It’s self-serving. And it isn’t helping.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall