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The Iowa Standard reached out to all federal and state legislative candidates to find out where they stand on the idea of defunding police and abolishing both the police and prisons. This idea is supported by Des Moines Black Lives Matter.

Democrat Sen. Nate Boulton is being challenged by Libertarian candidate Toya Johnson.

Sen. Boulton’s response: “No.”

Johnson’s response: “Considering the current state of both agencies, yes I believe they (police and prisons) should be reformed if not abolished. However, in the essence of what they are supposed to represent (to serve and protect), no we should not do away with them completely. Police departments should not be equipped with weapons of war unless the people have access to the same weapons. One of the main functions of the Second Amendment is the right to defend yourself, loved ones and property from not only other people, but also from the tyranny of the State. It is time for us to revisit and redefine what policing and imprisonment look like.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall