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The Iowa Standard has been keeping an eye on elected officials in Iowa throughout the Coronavirus crisis to share what they are saying and thinking.

We told you about Iowa Democrats who were bashing President Donald Trump through the pandemic on March 26.

State Sen. Claire Celsi (D-West Des Moines) was one of those Iowa Democrats. She called Trump a “dangerous idiot.” Now, love her or not, Celsi is great at communicating her opinions on social media. Agree or disagree, all of us can admit she doesn’t hold back. She’s very honest in her posts.

Well, one day after we wrote the story that included Celsi along with other Iowa Democrats, we shared the story about Celsi saying Brazilian drug gangs have more common sense than President Trump.

I appreciate Celsi’s openness and her honesty. Though I disagree with her opinions most of the time, it is nice to see someone willing to share their thoughts and not leave any doubt on where they stand.

This takes us to Theresa Greenfield, one of the Democrats running for the party’s nomination for U.S. Senate.

Greenfield put out a list of endorsements earlier in the campaign. Celsi was one of the folks listed as an endorser.

The Iowa Standard reached out to Greenfield’s campaign on Twitter and through email to see if Greenfield felt Celsi’s criticisms of Trump in a time of national crisis were appropriate. And, of course, we asked if she agreed with Celsi’s assessment.

Obviously Greenfield cannot be held accountable for everything someone who endorses her says. We get that.

But, when you’re running to be a United States Senator, you’re running to be a leader. And not just a leader of your political party, but a leader of your state and our nation.

Greenfield may agree with Celsi. Greenfield may believe that President Trump is a “dangerous idiot” and that Brazilian drug gangs have more common sense than Trump.

Greenfield may believe it is always appropriate to demean the President of the United States, regardless of what is happening in the country.

But right now, we just don’t know.

It’s fine if Greenfield agrees with Celsi’s assessment. Greenfield, like Celsi and each of us, is entitled to her opinion.

And, in the midst of a campaign, voters are entitled to know what Greenfield’s thoughts are. It’s too bad she chooses to be silent rather than forthcoming.

Iowa voters are more than capable of figuring things out on their own. And they know that sometimes, silence speaks volumes. And what isn’t said is just as important as what is.

Author: Jacob Hall