Democrats Crank Up Propaganda Machine on Elections

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You need to be aware the Democrats’ propaganda machine is cranked up to ‘hi’ on elections.  They are mischaracterizing just about everything having to do with elections these days.

Let’s start with the claim Donald Trump tried to ‘overturn the election’ and is, therefore a ‘threat to democracy’.  I say he pursued legal challenges under the constitutionally-prescribed process for contesting election results, nothing more.  Isn’t that what you would do if you thought an election was stolen from you?


Under our system, which has been called “messy” and “deficient”, legal challenges are brought under Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution having to do with the appointment of electors to the Electoral College.  It is possible for rival sets of electors to be sent to Washington if state governors and legislatures don’t agree on the slate.  The procedures go on from there to provide for challenges in the U.S. House and Senate to exclude electors from the Electoral College vote count.  There were dueling electors in the contested election of 1876 and, in a challenge brought by Democrats, in Hawaii in 1960.  Nancy Pelosi’s daughterled a challenge to Trump electors in 2016.  Nobody accused the Democrats of trying to ‘overturn the election’ in those instances, did they?  But that’s the propaganda we’re getting from the Democrats now and it’s escalated to the point where the Biden Justice Department is investigating Republicans involved in efforts to send alternate electors to Congress in the 2020 election.  Trump forces also went to court and won on the merits in 22 out of 39 lawsuits brought contesting various aspects of that election.

So what, exactly, did Trump do?  He pursued possibilities for alternate electors –  just like Democrats before him – and brought cases in court, many of which he won.  That’s it.  No martial law, no calling out the army, nothing beyond legal processes.  Democrats are twisting his efforts to convince you his efforts are something they are not.

Next, we turn to the claim that 2020 ‘election deniers’ are spreading ‘misinformation’ and pose a threat to future elections.  The propaganda on this is very thin, turning quickly to reform efforts to improve future election integrity.  The ‘election denier’ smear is intended to discredit legitimate efforts to enact voter ID laws which are routinely upheld by courts, curb the use of insecure mail-in voting which Democrat Jimmy Carter recognized is a problem, and get rid of things like dropboxes which only came in because of COVID but the Democrats have succeeded in making permanent in many states.  If working for free and fair elections in the future is ‘election denial’, I’ll eat my hat.

The latest mischaracterization came when the Supreme Court agreed to hear a case testing the power of state legislatures to make laws regarding elections.  To hear Democrats tell it, the conservative Supreme Court is poised to give unchecked power to state legislatures to shut out state governors and courts, favor their own party, and undermine democracy.   You have to remember that Democrat elections officials approved dropboxes and mail-in voting in 2020, invoking emergency powers in the pandemic to do so, without permission from state lawmakers.  If anyone is a threat to democracy in this situation, it’s unelected bureaucrats who worked overtime to help the Democrats 2020, not the duly elected state lawmakers.  Moreover, a new government report shows how elections officials can work inside the system to threaten fair elections.  That being the case, I don’t mind more oversight and stricter procedures mandated by state lawmakers who are the duly elected representatives of the people.  Especially when Article I, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution gives primary responsibility for elections to state legislatures.  Moreover, it’s been reported that local and state elections officials are secretly meeting with Democrat funders and left-wing organizations to discuss future elections – no Republicans allowed.  What’s that about?  This is all from government documents and can’t be denied.

So, when the Democrat propaganda machine tries to convince you Republicans are working to unlawfully overturn the results of past elections and rig elections in the future, your first reaction should be ‘poppycock’, because that’s what it is.

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Author: Jacob Hall

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