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The Des Moines Register published an editorial on Wednesday giving a thistle to the GOP-controlled Iowa Legislature.

“The majority party is making Iowa look like a bunch of backward hicks.”

That’s the subheadline.

I think they’re serious.

Here are some excerpts:

“Some bills won’t make it to a final vote, but they illustrate the extremism of some of their proposals.”

“These embarrassing ideas show how some lawmakers have spent their time rather than on real problems facing this state, and why they should not be re-elected to represent Iowans.”

Among the embarrassing ideas:

*A bill to exempt firearms and ammunition from state sales tax during the Fourth of July weekend.

*A bill to strengthen religious liberty.

*A bill that requires women who have miscarriage, stillbirth or abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy to obtain a fetal death certificate and choose (sounds pro-choice) whether they want to bury or cremate the fetus (I think the Register means unborn baby, but they probably aren’t comfortable admitting it.)

Here is the Des Moines Register’s biggest problem, the legislature is elected by direct vote of the people of Iowa. The Des Moines Register’s editorial board isn’t.

Therefore, the Iowa Legislature is much more indicative of average, everyday Iowans than a liberal, Fake News, mainstream media publication that spends its time digging up dirt on young men like Carson King when he is raising millions of dollars for a children’s hospital.

But remember, it is the Iowa Republicans who are out of touch.

At least the Register is no longer in the business of pretending to report fairly and accurately. At least they are no longer hiding their true feelings about Iowans — you are backwoods hicks.

This is similar to President Donald Trump’s argument against Democrats during impeachment. Democrats weren’t really after President Trump, they were after his supporters.

The Des Moines Register doesn’t despise Iowa Republicans, they despise the people who elected them.

They despise average, everyday Iowans.

Author: Jacob Hall