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Former Polk County GOP Secretary Dave Dicks is announcing his candidacy for the Iowa Republican National Committeeman. The election will take place at the Republican State Convention on June 13, 2020. There, all the state delegates will cast their votes to elect the next National Committeeman.

Dicks is passionate about running for the National Committeeman position in Iowa. He has a servant’s heart and desire to use his years of experience in Iowa politics to skillfully represent Iowa Republicans to the Republican National Committee (RNC).

Dicks knows that Iowa Republicans want a new and innovative messenger of their values to represent them at the RNC. He has dedicated himself over many years to being deeply involved with Iowa Republican candidates, issues and initiatives, forging friendships and working relationships that will enable him to effectively advocate for Iowa Republicans’ values at the national level.

As a solid conservative, Dicks is committed to the protection of a Party Platform that continues to conform to the Republican ideal that our rights are given to us by God; that these inherent rights flow from the very nature of our creator. Dicks is committed to having a Republican Party that remains true to those original American principles, which are established in the Declaration of Independence, that our government is to be operated with the consent of the governed.

Ensuring that America has a Party that is dedicated to the founding principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is an issue that Dicks believes is more crucial today than ever. Our country is under attack in D.C. by dangerous progressive people. In their vigorous quest to vanquish our foundations that Keep America Great, Dicks will be resolute in helping thwart their nefarious social-engineering policies.

His strategic plan revolves around empowering Iowa Republicans, from the grassroots level up, to have an impact in Iowa and the nation. Dicks’ congenial personality and go-getter work ethic enables him to bring people together and work as a team to accomplish goals.
Dicks and his specially formed committee, cooperating with the Republican Party at all levels, have a specific plan to make a profound difference in Iowa from Day One. This plan to impact Iowa will benefit from Dicks’ servant leadership style and lead-from-the-front mentality. His team’s battle cry — “Empowering Iowa Republicans” — is about building stronger foundations in Iowa. It rests on four pillars: mobilization, integration, cooperation and education.

Dave Dicks is ready to run, and Dave Dicks is ready to win!


Author: Press Release