Direct Action Everywhere activists confront Iowa Sen. Rozenboom due to ag gag bill

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Activists with Direct Action Everywhere showed up at the door of a property co-owned by Sen. Ken Rozenboom (R-Oskaloosa) on Monday, they said in a Facebook Live video. The house, the activists said, is where Rozenboom’s brother and sister-in-law live.

The police did arrive and asked the activists to leave the property. The activist said he had a conversation with Sen. Rozenboom’s brother and sister-in-law.

You can read about the ag gag bill’s passage in the Senate here. This article discussed its hearing in subcommittee. And this article talked about the bill’s trip through the Iowa House.

You can watch the video here:[0]=68.ARDMJo78ArXqnV6m3kRNACy-5ZaHC9L6OzvS9qE2cT4PUGxpkpNPpJqiavLMNXdX9AQL3hc-GRBFt0i4n3it8FIKk6Owm-MIwN64iBIZnjCfpW238OWIxvY-19snbfFqWmDmb8sTZuDwdj0H048MVNBp-wuFKjgDdk0vCuK-ZzAc72j4e2h-q-XmQ4AKVsgkT1MKxu1TYgTw8_z-mSNqDNv9u9mw89ueaZBGy7U0Y5QW2IlIICW52nsTjsLDz3_RJLo6NBBX0TW3GxL7MqRZsM0f6evGjmFm3ctzXnABAMITcyXOhmvD29eLaeb6dRZ_98_STF262um4aYXf&__tn__=K-R

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall