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Caitlyn Dixson, executive director of Iowa Right to Life, testified in support of an abortion neutrality amendment on Thursday at an Iowa Senate subcommittee hearing. Dixson said the pro-life leaders in Iowa offer strong, unified and unwavering support of the protect life amendment.

“It’s time and, unfortunately, it’s necessary,” she said.

Unelected judges, she said, circumvented the legislature and the people of Iowa.

“This amendment is what pro-life Iowans want and what all Iowans need,” Dixson said. “A voice not only for themselves but also for the person. An opportunity to amend our Constitution and put the power back in our elected legislators’ hands to create our laws.”

Iowans, she said, deserve the ability to change laws as things evolve over time.

“Iowans can have a choice,” she said.

She repeated that line for emphasis on giving Iowans a choice in the matter, calling Iowans the most important check in our system of checks and balances.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall