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By no means is it a surprise, but it is worth pointing out. The Des Moines Register has bought into the transgender lies of the Democrat Party and LGBTQ radicals.


The Register wrote an editorial criticizing Republicans for protecting women’s sports. It was titled “Iowa Republicans take a victory lap as they inflict suffering with law restricting trans girls.”

First things first, women’s sports were created and are intended for women. And no, trans girls are not girls, they’re boys. Buying into people’s imagined identities isn’t helpful to anyone. Lying to them isn’t helpful either.

The Register said Republicans “concocted menacing-sounding scenarios” of cisgender girls losing races, games, scholarships and roster spots.

Then the editorial claimed Republicans used “offensive language” to refer to trans girls and women. I’m not sure because the Register didn’t list any examples, but it is possible the Register is taking issue with Republicans referring to “trans girls” as biological boys.

In other words, science is now synonymous with “offensive language.”

The editorial board may not have realized Rep. Skyler Wheeler mentioned situations in Iowa where biological boys are playing girls’ sports. At least I hope, since they claimed lawmakers were unable to provide evidence beyond referring to Lia Thomas, an Ivy League swimmer.

The Register was displeased with Gov. Kim Reynolds having a public bill-signing ceremony. The Register said the Republicans “threw a party for exclusion.”

Nevermind the fact that Iowa girls now no longer have to worry about biological boys winning titles, breaking records and taking spots from them.

So, in one of the more interesting aspects of the editorial, after essentially saying there is no problems or examples of transgender girls playing girls’ sports in Iowa, the Register wrote:

“What now? Trans girls (biological boys) who started track practice last week will have to either quit or join the boys’ team, even though they are girls.”

The Register is obviously wrong. Biological boys are certainly not girls. They are boys.

The Register said it would support the NCAA making clear it won’t have “any part of uninformed laws that perpetuate hate.”

“The NCAA could even start by telling Iowa State’s and Iowa’s women’s basketball teams, which are expected to earn the right to host national tournament games this month, to instead pack their bags to play in more welcoming state,” the Register editorial board wrote.

Good to know where the Register’s priorities are.

The editorial board of Carol Hunter, Lucas Grundmeier, Richard Doak and Rox Laird aren’t doing anyone any favors by buying into the lies of the Left.

Kids are being encouraged to do irreversible harm to their bodies because adults who should know better are buying into imaginative lies.

The Register editorial board isn’t on the right side of history, the right side of science or the right side of sanity.

The reality is the Register editorial board either has to ignore the smiles and joy of the girls pictured below celebrating new-found protections to play the games they love or the Register believes those girls should be forced to take a backseat to biological boys in their own sports.

This isn’t a tough one, yet the Register still managed to get it wrong.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. Jacob,
    I LOVE this piece! You are right to call it like it is. Thank you for taking such a strong and vocal stand for truth and science.


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