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There are lots of layers to Wednesday’s vote in the Iowa House on whether or not to suspend the rules in an effort to take up debate on an amendment that addressed trucker tort reform as well as COVID-19 immunization privacy.

First things first — the Medical Freedom & Privacy Bill wasn’t up for debate. It has become painfully obvious to Iowans that the Medical Freedom & Privacy Bill died after it passed the Iowa House State Government Committee. The Iowa House doesn’t have the votes and isn’t willing to force legislators to let their constituents know where they stand on that bill.


So, the message to Iowans is simple — you do not deserve to know where your individual Iowa House member stands on the Medical Freedom & Privacy Bill. Speaker Pat Grassley and Majority Leader Matt Windschitl know, but you have no clue.

That is a shame.

Second, this bill pitted rights against each other to some. Some did not like the idea of capping the value of life if someone was killed by a commercial vehicle in exchange for privacy when it comes to the COVID injection.

This means some legislators may have voted against suspending the rules because they don’t support trucker tort reform. It may mean they voted against it because they don’t support the privacy portion related to COVID-19. It may mean they voted against it because they didn’t believe in suspending the rules. It may mean they voted against it because they oppose both trucker tort reform and COVID-19 privacy.

What it doesn’t mean is those who voted no do not support medical freedom and privacy. Again — this did not have anything to do with the Medical Freedom & Privacy Bill. It was the crumbs that remained. That isn’t to say that the amendment was crap, please keep that in mind. The amendment did some good things and provided some good protections — but it wasn’t the Medical Freedom & Privacy Bill.

It is important to note there was no vote on the Medical Freedom & Privacy Bill. Heck, there was no vote on the COVID immunization privacy portion of the amendment.

I will say I appreciate Iowa House leadership allowing a vote on something that failed. I wish it happened far more often. But I wish it would have been on something meaningful rather than something twisted and multi-layered.

A “no” vote to suspend the rules on this amendment can mean many different things. So voters still do not know which representatives opposed the Medical Freedom & Privacy Bill.

We will see if this amendment — or something like it — has legs today. If not, then the outlook is a little dimmer for the issue than previously thought. But considering the fate of the actual Medical Freedom & Privacy Bill has been known for a couple of weeks, there was only a flickering glimmer of hope to begin with.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. The Iowa legislature definitely does not care about their constituents. 100 Iowans cared enough about medical freedom and privacy to show up and give testimony about medical freedom and privacy to a subcommittee hearing about what happened to themselves and family members and friends, the devastation that happened from the “vax” and mask mandates. And nobody in the legislature cared enough to pass a bill that Iowans care deeply about. It’s enlightening To know that I live in a state where legislators on both sides of the aisle don’t care what we serfs think or feel or what happens to our families. Enough already. This is not the first time by any means. Might be time to think about moving. Maybe Florida…

  2. I view this behavior of our Legislative leaders as playing into the hands of The Great Awakening that is taking place all across this country and this planet. The more they play their games and refuse to do the work of the people, the more people will finally realize that electing the same people over and over and expecting a different outcome is truly the definition of insanity. They may think they are clever and coy, but the light is shining brightly on those who reside in dark corners of the capital, and we will hold them accountable! Primary season is open…….good hunting!

  3. I believe it was said that there has never been a bill with as much public comment in our state as there was for this bill. Over 95% of the public comments were in favor of the bill as it was written. It is shameful that our representatives do not care about 95% support. Linking bills to other topics, making modifications to weaken the language and intent of the bill, and having closed door discussions or deals are NOT the proper way to represent the citizens of your state.
    If this is the way we are going to run our Republican majority state, I would have to agree with the other comment.. it may indeed be time to think about moving. I prefer to live where legislators believe in protecting our freedoms and standing up for those who they are supposed to represent.

  4. We could move to New Hampshire. They care about the constituents and passed a bill that pharmacies sell Ivermectin, OTC.

  5. I struggle with these bills. We have the Constitution. Everything ppl complied with has been illegal. Nobody needed to lockdown, nobody needed to wear masks, nobody needed to get experimental medical treatments! Just say no! Too many complied. Medical employees started complying years ago with the flu shots. Maybe if they’d said no, they wouldn’t be in this slavery. That is what it is. Slavery. Stop looking to the government for permission to say, NO.


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