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For nearly 50 years, the U.S. Supreme Court’s scandalous ruling in Roe v. Wade has cost millions of unborn children’s lives.

Friday’s ruling overturning Roe (1973), and its related case, Casey v. Planned Parenthood (1992), restores respect for life and the rule of law in America. It’s a long-awaited answer to prayer.


The community that has been hit the hardest by Roe v. Wade is, of course, the black community. Can we imagine where we would be if all of those black babies that have been aborted since 1973 would have been allowed to live and contribute to society like Dr. Ben Carson or Thomas Sowell or even Justice Clarence Thomas? Someone has estimated that the black population would be at 17% of America’s total instead of the 13% that it is now.

Margaret Sanger’s vision of destroying the lives of “defective stocks,” and “human weeds,” “that we want to exterminate the Negro population” has been raging for the last 50 years. Now we have an opportunity to see it curtailed and possibly even ended. Today is a day of celebration for all Americans, but especially the poor and minority people Sanger wanted to eliminate. This should be a day of rejoicing among our minority population!

The Court’s ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization is expected to trigger a ferocious, violent response from the progressive Left. We need to pray for crisis pregnancy centers, pro-life organizations, the justices who made this courageous decision and churches that have come under attack.

Abortions create two victims: a dead baby and a wounded mother. Christians need to rally around mothers in distress and help them during and after pregnancies. What the Left has ignored is that to truly respect women’s rights, and the freedom to choose, other options need to be available, and when abortion has been the only thing advertised to these troubled girls and hurting women, there really isn’t a “choice.”

Christians have been reaching out, not only to save the lives of the unborn children, but to offer better choices to the women and girls who encounter unexpected pregnancies. If all the money that has been poured into Planned Parenthood over these 50 years had gone to Crisis Pregnancy Centers and Women’s Health Clinics that really served the health needs of these ladies, we would be looking at an entirely different world right now.

Thanks be to God that the Court has finally overcome the fiction that abortion is somehow, somewhere in the Constitution’s “penumbra” and “emanations,” a guaranteed right as liberal Justice William O. Douglas put it.

However, the battle is not over: It moves to the states. We will do everything in our power to enact pro-life laws in states across the country.

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