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Republican Party of Iowa Co-Chair, Dr. Cody Hoefert, announced he would be running for the same position once again in 2019. Dr. Hoefert has served as co-chairman since 2014. He has a chiropractic clinic in Rock Rapids, where he is also a city councilman.

“I think we’ve really accomplished a lot when you look at where the party was when we took over,” Hoefert said. “The party had no money and no resources. What we’ve been able to accomplish from a fundraising perspective has allowed us to really put out a get-out-the-vote effort in 2014, 2016 and 2018.

“We really have turned a corner in fundraising.”

Hoefert said the RPI has raised $1.1 or $1.2 million a year. While fundraising is a pivotal part in what the RPI does, it’s not the main goal, he said.

“Really our mission is to make sure we elect our candidates,” Hoefert said. “We elected Joni Ernst, re-elected Charles Grassley, elected a Republican President, a majority in the House, a majority in the Senate, re-elected Gov. Terry Branstad and elected Gov. Kim Reynolds. Our electoral success speaks for itself as well.”

The next step beyond that electoral success is success in the legislative process.

“Because of that look at the positive agenda items our party has been able to put forward from our platform,” Hoefert said. “Speaker (Linda) Upmeyer, Senate Leader (Jack) Whitver and Gov. Reynolds have taken those things and implemented them into policy, whether it’s the heartbeat bill, Second Amendment legislation or tax cuts.

“You can go on down the line, I’m really proud of the work the legislature has done and the work we’ve done in electing them.”

Lost in the constant, 24/7 news cycle, Hoefert wants to remind people of RPI’s success in handling the 2016 Republican Presidential Caucus. The 2016 Caucus, he said, had a record participation with nearly 187,000 people turning out. It was a 53 percent increase in caucus attendance. RPI held 300 caucus trainings and hired staff across the state to ensure a smooth, successful evening, he said.

“If you look back at the previous caucus, you’ll remember we had some issues,” he said. “The eyes of the nation were on Iowa to see if Iowa could truly handle the caucus process and run a professional operation. I think we showed and proved we could.

“I think that’s reflective of the fact we’ll be first in the nation in 2020.”

Hoefert credited the team at RPI. 

“It’s all a team apparatus,” he said. “We have a good staff and a good team we’ve put in place. As far as myself personally, my job is fundraising money and putting on tens of thousands of miles a year. I’m making sure we spread our conservative message throughout Iowa and taking no corner of Iowa for granted.”

It’s a job he’s up for once again.

“We have a successful operation,” he said. “When was the last time you heard somebody complain about the Republican Party of Iowa? We’ve had success electing our candidates and implementing ideas out of the platform. Have we accomplished everything? No, that’s why I’m running for re-election. I want to expand our majorities. There are still some seats I’d like to pick up obviously. My continued mission is not to rest until every Iowan hears our conservative message or has a chance to be represented by a conservative Republican.”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall