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Dr. James Neuenschwander spoke at the Nov. 16 Empowered to Action Conference 2019 hosted by Informed Choice Iowa. He opened his presentation with some interesting numbers.

The following are the rates for chronic disease in the U.S.


(1980)                                      (Current)
Autism – 1:10,000                          Autism – 1:59
Asthma – 1:33                               Asthma – 1:12
Food allergy – 1:100                    Food allergy – 1:12 (2016)
Autoimmunity (1996) – 1:31         Autoimmunity – 1:13 (2010)
Type I DM – 1:39                          Type I DM – 1:14 (2015)

Discussion centered around whether or not vaccines could be having an impact on the increases.

“We know that environmental toxins are involved with these disorders,” he said. “We know that chronic immune activation is involved with these disorders. And we know that the number of vaccines we get has gone up and up and up. And despite all of the denial out there, even mainstream doctors know that vaccines can cause injury.”

Education in three areas is key for meaningful discussion, Neuenschwander said. He focused on herd immunity, having plausible mechanisms for vaccine injury and having physical manifestations of those injuries.

Herd immunity, he said, is the reason why government can mandate vaccinations.

“This is really the reason why the government can justify taking away your civil rights,” he said. “Your constitutional rights can be taken away because of the concept of herd immunity. We need a herd immune enough to protect circulation of the disease to protect those that are immuno-suppressed due to age, toxicity, medications, disease or prior vaccination.”

The term was developed talking about outbreaks in measles, during the pre-vaccine era. Once a certain percent of the vulnerable population developed the disease, the virus would stop circulating. The term was co-opted to determine the percent of a population that needs to be vaccinated in order to stop the disease from circulating.

“The promise of vaccines was that one vaccine would give you immunity for life and that if we vaccinated enough people, we would wipe that disease off the planet,” Neuenschwander said. “That’s really the basis of our vaccine program. So, all that was based on these ideas that in order to have effective immunity, you need a lifetime of immune response in a disease that is only carried by human beings.”

Neuenschwander noted none of our current vaccines appear to give a lifetime of immunity.

“That was a load of hogwash that they sold us,” he said. “Some of these, it’s a year or two. The meningitis vaccine, the acellular pertussis vaccine, they protect as little as 1-2 years. So is your solution to get this vaccine every year?”

Measles lasts longer, but eventually loses its effectiveness.

“We have the situation where it’s not the unvaccinated kids you’ve got to worry about, it’s the vaccinated kids,” Neuenschwander said. “You can get pertussis vaccine, be asymptomatic after your exposed to pertussis, and actually carry the bacteria. You can infect other people without ever knowing your sick. That doesn’t happen if you’re not vaccinated, because you’d be sick. You’d know you’re sick.”

He told the audience the same is true of the injectable polio vaccine.

“That’s a little scary,” he said.

Live virus vaccines bring the issue of viral shedding.

“There’s denial by the CDC that this can cause disease,” he said. “But despite that, big outbreak in Disneyland a few years ago that started this whole ball rolling in California, turns out 38 percent of those people had vaccine strain measles. So either they got it from being vaccinated themselves, or they got it from somebody who was vaccinated.”

Package inserts for the MMR vaccine still instruct people who receive the vaccination to avoid those involved in chemotherapy or who are immuno-compromised.

“The reason they put it int he package insert is as long as it’s in the package insert, you can’t sue them for it,” he said. “So the vaccine manufacturers put all kinds of stuff in that package insert.”

There were 10 wild cases of polio in the entire world, Neuenschwander said. Six were in Syria. All the rest of the cases of polio in the world were from the vaccine, he added.

Neuenschwander suggested in an effort to create herd immunity, we’ve messed it up.

“Prior to vaccines, maternal immunity prevented infants and young children from getting measles,” he said. “Kids would get the measles when they were old enough to tolerate it, between 4-8 years old was peak incidence.”

Mom would get measles when she was young and recovers. The mortality, prior to vaccination, was 0.0001 of infected of 0.000002 as a population rate.

“That was of reported cases,” he said. “I had the measles probably in ’62 or ’63. My mom didn’t take us to the doctor, she knew what it was, she knew what to do. Most of these cases just weren’t reported.”

That immunity would last a lifetime, he said.

The vaccine has been successful at eradicating measles in kids. But, he said, the immunity wears off, possibly as quick as seven years, though most studies suggest 10-15 years.

“So that means that mom can’t protect the newborn any more,” he said. “So, you have the newborns that are vulnerable. You have older adults who are vulnerable. And this is the time at which measles can be a problem. It also, most of the unintentional cases of measles that we saw in the last year were in previously vaccinated adults, including index cases.”

Index cases are case No. 1.

“So the person that flew from Israel to the United States and brought us this outbreak of measles, she had been vaccinated,” he said. “In the state of Michigan, we had this epidemic of 40 cases, it was 42 but then they figured out 2 were vaccine strain, but out of that epidemic of 40 cases, 13 were unvaccinated. Everybody else had either two vaccines or they were adults that weren’t sure if they had been vaccinated or not but they were of the age where, yeah, they were probably vaccinated. So we messed with the natural order.

“We’re not even talking about the potential harms of the vaccine itself. I’m just talking about the measles. We’ve taken it from a benign disease of childhood to a disease that, I’m telling you, somebody, somebody is going to die in the United States of the measles and that somebody is going to be an adult. It’s not going to be a 5-year old. It’s going to be an adult who was vaccinated. So, basically, vaccine immunity is not natural herd immunity.”

The DTP/DTaP are the most commonly used vaccines in the world. The vaccine effectiveness for acellular pertussis, in kids completely vaccinated, was only 64 percent. After one year of vaccination it was 74 percent. It was down to 34 percent after 2-4 years.

“So you’re not talking lasting immunity. This isn’t giving you any kind of protection against the disease itself,” he said. “Most of these vaccines work by inducing antibody response. That’s what they measure.”

Because most of the vaccines are given by injection, you’re bypassing mucosal immunity.

As an example, shingles is caused by the Varicella-zoster virus. What was determined in a study looking at antibodies and cellular immunity, the antibodies didn’t correlate at all with the severity, recurrence or pain.

“It was the cellular immunity which made the difference,” Neuenschwander said. “That’s what determined whether a person had a response or not. Not the antibodies.”

Neuenschwander said most of what is published turns out not to be true.

“Junk science in particular, and this is one of the things they do when they do these population studies,” he said. “This is how you get the answer you want. You design the study to show no correlation. It’s not that hard to do. You make your study group diverse enough that nothing will ever be significant. You make the control group sick enough that they might as well be the study group. You manipulate the data after the fact. You make the statistical police leave the room. Honest to God, this statement was in women’s health initiative study on hormones causing breast cancer. They actually said the statistical police are going to have to leave the room, because they published the paper before they showed it was statistically significant. That’s one of the ways you get junk science. And then my favorite, you compare one toxic substance to another, to prove that they’re not toxic.”

Asking if vaccines are safe is asking the wrong question. Neuenschwander said in medicine we should be asking if the benefit of what is being done outweighs the risks.

“Are we healthier because we vaccinate,” he asked.

In pharmacology, the question is answered with placebo control prospect and studies that last 3-5 years and involve long-term follow up.

“Obviously vaccines don’t play by those rules,” Neuenschwander said. “They’re evaluated for short periods of time — 3-5 days for Hepatitis B, 42 days for the MMR, 6 months for the HPV, and that’s to determine side effects. How the heck do you know does this cause infertility when you just gave it to a one-month old, or a six-month old, or a 12-month old? How do you know it causes cancer, or doesn’t cause cancer? You don’t. You don’t. You saw the VAERS numbers, which are a joke. And who the heck is going to report a case of lymphoma as a vaccine injury? Nobody. You never know.”

None of the vaccines, other than a few hundred girls in one HPV trial, has ever been compared to an inert placebo.

“It has been compared to a previous vaccine,” Neuenschwander said. “And that previous vaccine was compared to an older vaccine. And that older vaccine just emerged out of the waters of the ocean. I don’t know where it came from, but it was never compared to an inert placebo.”

The CDC says vaccines do not cause autism. However, a paper from 2013 looked at the number of antigens, which are the proteins and polysaccharides in a vaccine that mimic the infectious agent to try to get an immune response. Then, they looked at the number of these antigens a kid got and explored if it correlated with the risk of getting autism.

“Let’s see that paper,” Neuenschwander said. “Look who the lead author is, Frank DeStefano, of 2004 MMR infamy and subject of the first VAX movie. This is the guy they pull out when they want to show safety. Because some how he manages to show that everything is safe.”

The numbers given included whether a kid got 180 antigens or 300 antigens, but there were no results for having 0 antigens.

He also discussed another population study on the MMR vaccine. He discussed other studies as well.

“Technically the statement that there is no evidence that vaccines cause autism is correct,” he said. “Because there is no evidence. You cannot say, based on the evidence, vaccines do not cause autism.”

A Mawson study of homeschoolers surveyed unvaccinated , partially vaccinated and fully vaccinated kids.

The unvaccinated children had lower rates across the board.

“There’s no argument that vaccines cause injury — I mean, we know this because we have the vaccine injury court,” Neuenschwander said. “$4.2 billion has been paid out. And for those that say it’s easy for the parents, most of these people are rewarded, no. Thirty-two percent of those claims got awarded. And a lot of those were for adults and for HPV. Why? Because they could say they were injured.”

He talked about mechanisms of vaccine injuries. Direct toxicity is the first mechanism. The second is the toxicity adjuvants– the metals. It also includes DNA fragments, Polysorbate 80, retrovirus.

“Everything is going to be worse if you can’t detox,” Neuenschwander said.

He talked about molecular mimicry.

“You inject something into a person to induce an immune response,” he said. “You generate antibodies. The trouble is, what you injected, those proteins are too close to that person’s heart or joints or brain and those antibodies cross-react. It’s particularly a problem if you are injecting human DNA, because that will induce this whole process. We think this is why HPV can cause ovarian failure. Again, not according to Frank DeStefano, but according to the 10 patients I had in my office with that, yeah, that’s what caused it.”

He also discussed Thimerosal, which is basically ethyl mercury. It was a topical agent when he was a kid.

“Taken off the market as too toxic to put on your skin but not too toxic to inject in people,” he said. “It’s still in multi-dose flu vaccines. It has not disappeared.”

The immune system has antigen presenting cells, which engulf the antigen (the infectious agent), they chop it up into bits, put it on the surface, call in some other cells that get activated and go out and kill.

Thimerosal can affect the way proteins are processed. It can result in not enough immunity or too much.

He talked about a study that looked at kids on the autism spectrum and how sensitive they are to Thimerosal.

“They exposed the white blood cells of normal kids and kids on the spectrum to progressively increasing doses of Thimerosal,” he said. “What they found was, kids on the spectrum, it took much less of a dose to mess with mitochondria of these lymphocytes screw up the immune response.”

The mitochondria make energy, but are also involved with recycling stuff in the cell. When the cell dies, it’s involved with all the stuff in the brain, which uses more energy pound for pound.

“It’s involved with how rapidly you think, with your memory, with how rapidly you age — even things like your stress response,” he said. “It’s all part of your mitochondria function.”

Thimerosal affects brain support cells.

Aluminum is added to increase immune response. Studies of injected aluminum are lacking, Neuenschwander said.

“All of the studies they have on their website are about oral aluminum,” he said. “Oh, there’s more aluminum in your deodorant, there’s more aluminum in your baby formula. Yeah, you don’t absorb it. The stuff you’re injecting into this kid’s arm or leg, 100 percent of it gets absorbed.”

He covered the aluminum content that is in vaccines. He showed how dangerous the rates were in vaccines.

“These guidelines they’re put out by the CDC and they say all the manufacturers have to follow these guidelines,” he said. “It can’t be more than 5 micrograms per kilo per day — except when it comes to vaccines. They’re magic. They never cause any problems.”

Aluminum messes up energy production by the mitochondria of our brain support cells. It can also cause inflammation, alter protein production, induces cell death, and these are from cancer cells derived from brain cells.

Neuenschwander talked about some recent papers that highlight some issues — we’re interfering with mitochondrial function, we’re creating chronic inflammation, we’re messing up immune response, and we get this paradox of these kids with chronically active immune systems and all the symptoms that go along with it.

He rattled off a lengthy list of issues.

“These same kids, even though their immune system is chronically activated, they can’t deal with the routine stuff,” he said. “These are the kids that are going to have a problem when the measles show up. You look at unvaccinated kids, they’re healthy. Remember that? Are vaccines safe? Are we healthier because of vaccination? Maybe not.

“Basically, in an attempt to eliminate most of these childhood diseases we’re talking about, they’re not polio, they’re not anything that was ever deadly and we’re vaccinating for these things and now we all think we’re going to die if we get the measles.”

Neuenschwander showed an HPV vaccine insert. There was a Gardasil group (the vaccine). There was an AAHS control (aluminum adjuvant) that Merck owns. And then there were 320 girls who received a saline injection.

An autoimmune disorder was developed by 2.3 percent of the girls in six months. But on the tables, they lost the third column. The third column was put with the second column. They put the 320 girls who got the saline injection in with the 9,000 girls who got the aluminum adjuvant.

“And guess what, they had the same rate of autoimmunity,” Neuenschwander said. “Why? It’s the aluminum adjuvant. They’re being sued on this. Fraud. Fraud. This is fraud. It is junk science, and it is fraud.”

The 320 girls who received the saline injection had an autoimmune rate of zero.

He finished talking about the overall effects of vaccines.

“We traded a week of fever and rash for a life of chronic disease,” Neuenschwander said. “And it’s not just vaccines, it’s all kinds of environmental garbage. We need to stop this. If we don’t change our direction, everybody is going to be chronically ill, cognitive impaired, immuno-compromised, completely dependent upon medications simply to exist.”

He encouraged people to use an alternative scheduled if they vaccinate. He encouraged people to use organic food and to watch how they prep and store the food. He said to get rid of water bottles. He encouraged people to use the Healthy Living app. Another app, Think Dirty, could help he said.

He encouraged people to detoxify. He said to find a physician who knows the stuff and knows how to help a kid. A doctor who is trained to think and treat integratively.

And, of course, people can get active.

“It’s only going to change because this room is full of people,” he said. “Unfortunately this army is getting bigger every year because people are getting injured. Do you know anyone who is an anti-vaxxer who became a pro-vaxxer? The mainstream, the status quo, will remain status quo until something changes it. It’s always going to be a dedicated, small group of people that will do that.”


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