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I have seen a lot of people make a lot of mistakes in life. Heck, I’ve made plenty of mistakes myself.

One of life’s most vital lessons is that your mistakes are not what defines you, but how you react to them certainly does.


Enter Drake professor Beth Younger. We won’t revisit all the F-bombs Younger dropped on various Republicans on Twitter. We won’t remind readers that she called men “trash.” And, most importantly, we do not need to repost her tweet in which she said she hates Republicans and they all need to suffer.

Please make sure you read the exact words she used, most notably, all and need.

ALL Republicans NEED to suffer.

Not some of them need to. Not all of them should. No. A blanket, universal condemnation of all Republicans and a desire to see them all suffer.

That’s me and that’s many of you.

Now, ask yourself, if a professor on any college campus anywhere in this country would write something like…

“I hate homosexuals, they all need to suffer…”


“I hate black people, they all need to suffer…”


“I hate Muslims, they all need to suffer…”

Ask yourself, would that professor be afforded the opportunity to issue a statement in the college newspaper — let alone retain their position on campus.

Anyone with a hint of intellectual honesty or moral clarity would come to the same conclusion — no.

But when a liberal professor says what Younger said, she seemingly maintains her position and is allowed to submit a statement to the university’s newspaper.

And in an unbelievable twist of fate, she turns herself into the victim.

The final paragraph of her statement is honestly worse than any of her tweets. And she had some pretty nasty tweets.

“These students did not contact me or reach out to ask questions–their targeted harassment is a common tactic used by Turning Point USA to harass “liberal” educators and create conflict. While I do regret the harm this has caused, I think the students involved are misguided.”

So the real villain in this situation isn’t the adult who was foolish enough to have such hateful thoughts, but actually published them on a public platform for the world to see.

And then, when they were discovered, cannot figure out why the very people who Younger hates and believes need to suffer wouldn’t just reach out and ask her questions.

How detached from the real world does someone have to be for this to be the actual path they take with the benefit of more than a minute to formulate their response?

What’s worse is Younger’s response is tagged as a letter to the editor, which means she likely wrote it. So she had plenty of time to put her thoughts on paper, then likely read or thought about it a little bit and actually decided that was a proper conclusion.

I’d also be shocked if she didn’t have someone — anyone — else read it before publication.

But I’d be equally shocked that someone else could be equally foolish enough to think that paragraph should be included.

Younger and her hatred and vulgarity are not the problem, Turning Point USA is the problem. Turning Point USA is the real bully in this situation — not the person dropping F-bombs on Republicans, highlighting their hatred for Republicans and saying that Republicans need to suffer.

I’m especially curious why she put liberal in quotation marks. Is Younger going to claim she’s conservative? Or a moderate?

Younger couldn’t muster the maturity necessary to apologize and take full responsibility and be done.

She literally ended what was supposed to be an apology with one more added insult the students she offended.

And this is what the world of academia attempts to pass off as “higher education.”

This isn’t higher education.

This is hypocrisy. This is immaturity. This is an embrace of aggressive liberal hatred toward Republicans.

You know what, more and more it seems that maybe this is higher education.

What a sad state of affairs.

Author: Jacob Hall


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