Drake University officials have said four of the five racist notes found on campus were hoaxes. An 18-year-old Drake student is reportedly responsible for four of the five notes found in residence halls. The student faces criminal charges and will also be subject to the disciplinary process outlined in Drake’s Code of Student Conduct. The result could include expulsion, according to Drake spokesman Jarad Bernstein.

Drake President Marty Martin wrote that notes reported on Nov. 13, Nov. 15 and on Wednesday are “copycat hoaxes of an initial campus incident.”

The notes led to efforts on Drake’s campus to decry racism and promote unity. About 3,000 students and others rallied at Drake to celebrate diversity on Nov. 14. Two days after the rally students painted Painted Street black. Painted Street is typically covered with colorful scenes celebrating the Drake Relays.

This isn’t the first time the Left has resorted to creating controversy by faking some form of bigotry. And it likely will not be the last.

The student responsible for these hoax letters is 18 years old. In the eyes of the law, they’re an adult. As an 18-year-old who should know better, there’s no reason to hide the student’s identity. There’s a certain amount of shame that comes from being publicly named when an individual is responsible for breaking the law. 

Des Moines Register columnist Daniel Finney wrote “this lie rolls back progress by white students on a mostly white campus who stood together with their fellow students of color and said ‘This shall not stand.’” 

It’d be news to us if there are actual groups on college campuses in 2018 that are allowed to actively promote racist beliefs. And we trust there to be enough fair-minded folks that those groups and individuals would be so marginalized they couldn’t succeed in spreading their hate.

For now this student should be named and feel just as much shame as she would had she truly harbored racist sentiments. The fact these four letters were faked doesn’t take away from the outrage they caused. 

This student should not receive comfort in anonymity. We have a hunch that if it were an 18-year-old who wrote these letters because they actually harbor racism that they too would be named and shamed.