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The Iowa House of Representatives race between Democrat State Rep. Wes Breckenridge and Republican Jon Dunwell has had its tense moments.

But things spilled over this weekend as Dunwell posted a picture of one of his large signs that had been vandalized.

Dunwell has pitched an overall positive message to voters. He’s appealed for unity and teamwork rather than the status quo divisiveness.

He posted the following with the photo of his vandalized sign:

My heart was heavy this morning as I drove past this on the way to church. It’s heavy because…

– We continue to normalize hate, violence, and destruction as political speech.

– The concept of freedom of speech continues to be assaulted underneath the guise of the accepted narrative of the progressives.

– Too many politicians have either condoned or have remained silent on the destruction happening across America.

– Many in our community remain fearful to express their political beliefs because of fear or retaliation.

For us to grow as a community, we need…

– The healthy exchange of ideas and differences.

– The extension of “hospitality” (not just tolerance) to those with different ideas.

– The strong condemnation of hate, violence, and destruction as a means of appropriate political speech.

Let’s change this destructive pattern. Let’s use our differences to bring about change. Let’s be different. Let’s do different.

You can learn more about Dunwell’s candidacy here.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall