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An early voter in Dallas County took to Twitter to complain on Thursday as they said half of the Dallas County Auditor’s office was not wearing masks.

The person said they asked why and told them it was “totally unacceptable.” Their response was there is no mandate.

Let’s make a couple things clear.

The “early voter” could have voted early from the comfort of their own home. They wouldn’t have had to expose themselves to any risk by simply voting from home. They could have saved themselves the risk of opening a door, walking outside, perhaps driving, slipping and falling — and all of those other everyday risks we take by simply stepping outside — let alone catching COVID.

As for the individuals who work in the auditor’s office, if they believe wearing a mask is in their best interest, they’ll wear one. If they don’t, they won’t. That’s called freedom.

These are people who liberals have no problem trusting with our democratic process, can’t we also trust them whether they want to wear a mask or not? Or do “progressives” think these people are too stupid to take care of themselves?

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall