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Mary Tocco told those in attendance that if they don’t know what they don’t know, it is not their fault. Americans are raised to trust their leaders and doctors and educators.

The challenge of conferences like EDUCATED: The Truth You Don’t Know, Tocco said, is that much of the information runs contrary to what we’re conditioned to believe is true. Forcing many to question if it’s possible they could’ve been lied to and manipulated.

Tocco shared a quote from Arthur Schopenhauer, who said truth goes through three stages – ridicule, violent opposition and then accepted as being self-evident. She goes across the country because of Ephesians 5:11.

She said she saw many of her friends at church and family members have children who were constantly on antibiotics or constantly sick.

“It’s like God called me into this,” she said. “I do it because I’m passionately in love with children and want to help make a difference in the world. Forced medicine without prior and free and voluntary consent is never OK.”

The human brain automatically categorizes information based upon prior conceptions, Tocco said. The first thing people do when she tells them about the dangers of vaccinations is cut her off.

“The brain does this,” she said. “When presented with information contrary to what we’ve been taught or our beliefs are, our mind subconsciously automatically disregards it and we defend our current beliefs immediately.”

New information might scare people. Young moms may have just taken in their baby for the three-month checkup. They may have just had multiple vaccines.

“For many, this information is inconvenient,” Tocco said. “The information I’m going to share with you today may turn your life upside down. It may even divide families. It may even cause problems in marriages. Some minds are like concrete, they’re all thoroughly mixed up and permanently set.”

Tocco asked everyone to just be objective and set aside their current opinions and beliefs.

“We don’t know what we don’t know,” she said. “And we can’t find what we’re not looking for.”

The value of our health is priceless, Tocco said.

“Talk to somebody who has lost it and ask them what they would pay to get their health back,” she said. “To not go through cancer or diabetes or heart problems or some other chronic illness.”

Author: Jacob Hall