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Jamie Burch Elliott spoke against SJR 9, the resolution that would add an amendment to the Iowa Constitution stating there is no right to an abortion or required funding of abortion. Elliott is the public affairs manager of Planned Parenthood of the Heartland.

“Simply stated, this bill would erode fundamental rights of Iowans guaranteed by our constitution,” Elliott said. “This would prohibit the Iowa constitution’s due process and equal protection clauses from applying to people seeking an abortion. It rolls back the ability for Iowa women to make personal and private medical decisions. Perhaps most drastic, it inserts personal beliefs into the Iowa Constitution.”

Elliott criticized Iowa Republicans for continuing to work on pro-life legislation.

“It’s shocking. It’s shocking that legislators have proposed such a drastic measure in order to advance personal beliefs,” she said. “The fact this amendment would take away individual freedoms instead of protecting them flies in the face of our core principles.”

Elliott claimed a majority of Iowans believe the 20-week abortion ban and the Heartbeat bill went too far, despite Republicans maintaining a trifecta in state government.

“We certainly hope we can stop this before it goes on the ballot,” she said. “But based on data of Iowans, it isn’t something a majority of Iowans support.”

She finished by asking pro-life legislators to realize there are differing views on the issue.

“Understand our own personal views should not infringe on the private medical decisions of others,” Elliott said.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall