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The Iowa Standard has chronicled its efforts to see exactly what role the judicial branch played in trying to stop the judicial nominating bill last legislative session. We’ve reported on how they worked behind the scenes to oppose the bill and how they’re withholding documents and refusing to answer any questions about those documents.

Today we’re going to share an email that David K. Boyd sent to Todd Nuccio and Caitlin Jarzen. Both Nuccio and Jarzen are judicial branch lobbyists. Nuccio is the state court administrator.

Though The Iowa Standard hasn’t been able to confirm this, it’s likely that the David K. Boyd who sent this email is the same David K. Boyd who was a former state court administrator.

The email said, “I’m happy to report that exercising great restraint, I neither caused any commotion nor did physical harm to any sitting member of the Legislature! I must confess that the urge to strangle the shit out of a few of them did cross my mind, but I simply chose to ignore those individuals.”

Boyd went on to talk about sitting with Rep. Andy McKean and thanking him for his work on the judicial selection bill. He finished the message saying he spoke with Rep. Gary Worthan for an extended period of time, but he left with no bruises!

Nuccio responded to the email, “LOL.”

Jarzen responded “Ha ha, I did literally laugh out loud while reading your email! That takes some serious restraint!”

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall