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Family Research Council Action is letting conservative Iowans know most of their congressional delegation let them down last week. In addition to the gun control measures contained within the Violence Against Women Act, the Omnibus spending bill passed also contained the “Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund.”


FRC Action says the fund wil allow for the expansion of harmful gender ideology worldwide.

“This bill perpetuates gender identity ideology, maintains Planned Parenthood’s ability to obtain VAWA grants and cordons off certain grant funds to be used for only limited purposes and limited pools of victims,” FRC Action said. “As drafted, H.R. 2471 would harm the very women VAWA should be protecting.

“Women who have been victims of rape, sexual assault, sexual molestation, sex trafficking, and the worst imaginable abuses deserve a safe place to heal emotionally and physically. They should not be forced to share private spaces with biological men, sleep next to biological men, or disrobe in front of biological men. Requiring this of women who were abused by biological men compounds their trauma.”

FRC Action states that these types of mandates have proven to further traumatize victims and perpetuate abuse.

“A shelter in Fresno, California housed biological men who identified as females alongside biological women,” FRC Action said. “Nine of the biological women filed a lawsuit because they had to endure sexual harassment, including ‘sexually inappropriate comments’ and being stared and leered at while naked.

”The shelter did nothing about this further victimization within its walls and the defendant’s attorney in the case acknowledged that the shelter received federal grants and was therefore required to accept biological men who identify as female. Sadly, these women never received justice for their Re victimization in what was supposed to be a safe place because of procedural legal hurdles they couldn’t overcome.”

The reauthorization “doubles down” on special treatment for those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender. It creates a new grant program solely for those who identify as LGBT and authorizes $8 million annually for these grants.

“This VAWA reauthorization will further traumatize and reduce resources for battered women and possibly fund abortion,” FRC Action said.

Author: Jacob Hall

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  1. I’ve emailed Chuck a few times. Once, about labeling our GMO food. He claims “science” said it’s perfectly fine. They have managed to ruin our water, soil. food. Don’t you just love “con servatives”?

  2. I’m sick and tired of things being snuck into other bills. For crying out loud, most politicians don’t work but 9 months out of the year, if that. (Most work the remaining part trying to get re-elected). And NO ONE is seriously working for “We The People”.
    Just disgusting,

  3. Everyone that votes for this theft as well as the earlier theft of 5 trillion have betrayed their oath to the Constitution. But what’s worse is they swore an oath to a document they didn’t even understand. They might utter an occasional soundbite quoting the Constitution, but they absolutely have no clue.

    They treat the Constitution like they treat their faith cafeteria style, a little of this, a little of that but none of those other stuff. Not realizing they have to support the whole you know the thing. Then they abuse the “General welfare” & “supremacy clause” to snatch away more liberty.

    I dunno if I should be sad or be mad that my 2 highschoolers know more about the Constitution that all of our delegation combined.

    Tonight in Arlington, IA, KrisAnne Hall spoke on the Constitution and all of the delegates were invited with a place of honor. None showed up. Why should they, when they already have the sheeple who prefer an illusory security over hard won liberty.

    Nonetheless, We The People are awake to the fraud perpetrated against us for over a century. We are growing in strength daily and we will soon bring the government to heel. The government will once again learn that they can only serve with our express consent.


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