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***We told you the beginning of the story of baby Evee two weeks ago. In this second part of the series, we want to explore an idea that Evee’s mom, Catie Clobes, hadn’t entertained until the tragedy. That vaccines could cause injury – or worse – death.***

Shortly after Evee’s death, Catie wrote about the hurt and pain in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy.

“This feeling of pain is indescribable,” she wrote on March 2, 2019. “The unanswered questions of how or why make it worse. I can’t comprehend any of it. I can’t stop replaying that morning in my head. None of this feels real. Definitely not fair. She was the perfect child and I’m so thankful we never left each other’s side for the short six and a half months I was blessed with her. She was my best friend. My body just aches for my baby.”

Catie added that Evee had her six-month checkup and scheduled immunizations less than two full days before she passed. Evee was in perfect health.

But Evee was giggling, shaking her head no, red in the face and in a deep sleep with shallow breathing. Those were signs that, at the time didn’t seem significant to Catie, but she found out later they were.

After being told all tests would be run to determine the cause of death – including vaccination-related tests – that didn’t happen.

Catie said she doesn’t believe healthy babies die in their sleep for no reason.

“SIDS is a syndrome, not a disease,” she wrote. “And it’s caused by something, and in this case, it was vaccines.”

According to Catie, a VAERS report was filed by the clinic at her request. The clinic failed to document the correct location the shots were administered. After an apology, another VAERS report was filed with corrections.

“Evee received six vaccinations in the form of two shots that day,” Catie wrote. “I wish I would have known sooner that that is just way too much for one little infant to be receiving at one time. Some of them weren’t event necessary.”

Prior to Evee’s passing, Catie wasn’t aware of the real dangers posed by vaccines. She had zero concerns about vaccine safety.

“I had never seen a warning on a post or was told something from anyone,” she said. “The day of her death, the medical examiner field investigator asked me if anything was different. I told her she was vaccinated on Wednesday (it was Monday morning). The investigator rhetorically said, ‘she did?’ Then I looked back down and wrote something. That night I couldn’t sleep and kept thinking of that moment.

“The next day I made that post if this has happened to anyone else and everything blew up. It took about six months to fully understand the numbers of ways it could happen. But I never doubted it from that first day.”

Author: Jacob Hall