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***This is the 13th part of a lengthy series exposing the undeniable falling away from Dordt University’s biblical roots. The first parts highlighted speakers who: wrote a book about how “white evangelicals” have “corrupted a faith” and “fractured a nation,” said American exceptionalism is a myth, believes the American church was built on white supremacy, disputes the virgin birth, shill for the secular Left, and says same-sex relationships can be “holy.” Now we take a look at the track record of Chief of Staff and Dean of Chapel, Aaron Baart. Numerous students have chosen to not attend chapel due to Baart’s messages. Baart, along with President Erik Hoekstra, have led Dordt down the road away from basic, biblical belief and toward a much more secular worldview.***

Dordt dean of chapel Aaron Baart, who was promoted to Chief of Staff as well over the summer, has a history of clouding the issue of homosexuality.

We’ve told you about his teaching that the idea of Christians marching at the front of the gay pride parade “sounds a lot like Jesus.” And that we should be so “full of grace” that we’re “ridiculously soft on sin.” And that Jesus didn’t mention homosexuality and God may not be finished speaking on the topic.

Jen Hatmaker, who famously said same-sex relationships can be “holy,” thanked the Baarts for having her at Dordt a few years ago during an event in the chapel.

Baart has told students they should not respond to the culture war conversation or pick a side. When it comes to the “culture-warring church,” Baart said God isn’t calling for more activity but more passivity.

He says if he was asked to bake a cake for homosexuals, he’d bake them two. He poses the question of one of his favorite professors of his from seminary — “what if, in the end, Jesus is as interested in us being good as he is in us being right?”

Reflect on what a 2017 copy of the Dordt Faculty Handbook says under “unacceptable sexual conduct.”

“Dordt College specifically holds as unbiblical and therefore prohibited: promoting or advocating sexually immoral activity…homosexual relations as well as promoting or advocating such activity.”

Yet when two graduates of Dordt were married, and their same-sex wedding photos appeared on Facebook, at least one of those photos was given the “thumbs up” from Baart. (And no, Baart wasn’t the only Dordt faculty member to give one a “thumbs up” — again suggesting an institutional problem.)

Dordt’s official position is that homosexual thoughts and feelings (orientation) are not sin. But homosexual activity is. The college has historically been opposed to same-sex marriage, but with its religious leader giving a thumbs up to a same-sex wedding photo of graduates, who knows.

How does Webster’s Dictionary define a “thumbs up:”

an instance or gesture of approval or encouragement.


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Author: Jacob Hall