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***This is the next part of a lengthy series exposing the undeniable falling away from Dordt University’s biblical roots. We have examined the ‘Christian thought leaders’ Dordt is proudly having speak on campus. We exposed how Chief of Staff and Dean of Chapel Aaron Baart is pushing a radical Leftist agenda. Baart, along with President Erik Hoekstra, have led Dordt down the road away from basic, biblical belief and toward a much more secular worldview. Previous stories are included at the end of this edition.***

Dordt University history professor Scott Culpepper’s bio says he specializes in the Americas and Europe with a particular emphasis on the intersection of politics, religions and pop cultures in the Atlantic World from 1500 to the present.


He also hates the idea of the “culture war.”

The culture war typically describes politics in the U.S. that deal with abortion, homosexuality, transgender rights, pornography, multiculturalism, racial viewpoints and other cultural conflicts based on values, morality and lifestyle.

In 2015, Culpepper made clear his views on the “culture war.”

Culpepper said he was troubled with Ted Cruz’s appeal and the legacy of conservative evangelical political engagement Cruz seeks to revive. It’s troubling, Culpepper wrote, that Cruz assumes a particular set of political values are “Christian” values. Remember this line…

“That a particular political agenda rather than fidelity to Christian doctrine and ethical principles becomes the test of orthodoxy,” Culpepper wrote.

And don’t forget Culpepper’s suggestion that a Christian might see adoption ministry or sex education as a more effective means of stopping the killing of unborn babies than passing legislation to stop killing unborn babies.

Culpepper said the future promises better things. Why? Because…

“There are strong indicators that the culture war emphasis that Cruz is seeking to revive has little appeal for younger Christians…These young believers tend to roll their eyes at the worn old shibboleths of the culture war.”

Believe in a “Christian America?”

Culpepper has argued vigorously against the “Christian America” thesis. Culpepper agrees there was “never a ‘Christian founding’ of the nation.”

David Barton is widely respected as a Christian political activist, author and historian. Notably, he produced The Founders’ Bible. But Culpepper despises Barton:

“Helpful history analogies for the uninitiated: David Barton is to American history as Donald Trump is to human decency.”

Culpepper has long been a critic of a Barton.

“It has been shocking how much resistance there is to critically examining what Barton says,” said Scott Culpepper, an associate professor of history at Dordt College who has critiqued Barton’s scholarship. “I really underestimated the power of the political element in evangelicalism.”

Culpepper is an avid basher of President Donald J. Trump as well.

He says that the title “American Horror Story” would be the perfect title for a book about the Trump presidency.

White evangelicals who support Trump, Culpepper says, are an example of the “blind leading the blind.”

Culpepper claims that Trump is “morally, mentally and materially unfit” to be President of a “small Latin America banana republic, much less of the United States of America.”

How will we know when we’re teaching American history well?

He accuses the Trump Administration and religious organizations of wrongdoing.

How far Left is Culpepper? Far enough to share a story comparing Trump’s America to Germany before the Nazis took over.

It evens appear Culpepper is comfortable making racial jokes. It would be interesting if the shoe were on the other foot, and a professor made the same statement except noted light brown meat would be on the menu.

Here are some real head-scratchers:

Don’t ask about school choice:

For the record, more than 80 percent of voters in Sioux County supported President Trump in 2016. Dordt is located in Sioux County and many in the county support Dordt. Yet Culpepper doesn’t mind mocking his neighbors.

Like James K.A. Smith, who Dordt considers a “Christian thought leader” and invited to speak less than two years ago, Culpepper cannot stand white evangelicals who support Trump.

Now, remember that line from earlier in the story — before all the hateful, vitriolic Culpepper thoughts were shared?

Here is a reminder:

“That a particular political agenda rather than fidelity to Christian doctrine and ethical principles becomes the test of orthodoxy,” Culpepper wrote.

“Fidelity to Christian doctrine.”

Fidelity: faithfulness to a person, cause, or belief, demonstrated by continuing loyalty and support.

Christian doctrine on, I don’t know, say homosexuality and same-sex marriage: (Genesis 19:1–13Leviticus 18:2220:13Romans 1:26–271 Corinthians 6:9)

Yet guess who led the fight for Mayor Pete Buttigieg, the man married to another man, in Sioux County?


Which is ironic, considering Dordt’s policy book clearly states that Dordt prohibits promoting homosexuality. Mayor Pete is married to another dude. Clearly, he supports promoting homosexual behavior.

Buttigieg’s campaign “normalized being (an open homosexual) and Christian,” according to the Washington Post.

A liberal historian, Culpepper proved he isn’t much of a prognosticator.


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Author: Jacob Hall


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