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As I stated in a story earlier today, Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Mike Franken has the ability to come across as a moderate choice for voters. But he has pretty well proven his radical liberal bonafides through an interview with Interfaith Alliance and a recent fundraising email.

We told you already about his desire to determine what churches can and cannot have a tax-exempt status. That alone is a pretty alarming statement coming from someone who desires one of the 100 seats available in the United States Senate.


But that wasn’t the only alarming statement Franken made during his talk with Interfaith Alliance.

Franken said that despite having served in various countries overseas, when he is back in America he finds himself frequently looking over his shoulder due to his concerns with guns.

He also said the gun issue is driven by one party (Republicans) and really one gender (men). He said he wants to use federal money to incentivize states to follow federal rules when it comes to guns.

Franken went on to say that from a GDP perspective, firearms is “nothing.”

“The amount of people and jobs associated with it? Nothing, really,” he said.

When asked about efforts to address hate speech and hate crimes, Franken said he supports the idea of creating a registry for anyone convicted of a hate crime similar to that of the sex offender registry. And if someone is convicted of a hate crime, they’ll be on that registry for the rest of their life.

He despises school choice. He said he would fully fund Planned Parenthood. He agreed that Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who couldn’t offer a definition for the word “woman,” was among the “most qualified people” to ever be considered for the Supreme Court. He supports the radical “Equality Act.”

The list could go on.

But he certainly is a far different candidate than the one he portrays on the campaign trail — at least according to his own campaign’s Facebook Live from his stop the other day where he said:

“I’m a proud member of the Democratic Party, and this campaign is about going everywhere and meeting with everyone… Securing our future demands that Democrats extend a hand and reach out to our neighbors and that Republicans and Independents feel welcome in our space. It’s necessary. It’s mandatory. We must. I can do this.”

Well, it seems you would certainly beg to differ with, well, yourself.

Cindy Axne is running as a much more moderate Democrat than Franken is. She’s practically trying to attach herself to Chuck Grassley in campaign commercials.

Franken, meanwhile, is accusing Grassley of “treason” in fundraising emails and claiming the GOP is waging a “Cold War” for the future of our “Democracy.”

Franken’s best chance to beat Grassley was to run as a reasonable, moderate Democrat. Instead, he has sprinted to the left. Way to the left. Like way, way, way…way to the Left.

Author: Jacob Hall

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