Feenstra chooses not to participate in abortion issue questionnaire

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The Iowa Standard published pieces last week on the Republicans running for Congress in Iowa’s Fourth District and their views on the abortion issue. Four of the five Republicans running for the position participated. We are grateful for their participation.

You can read about their views on abortion here:

Steve King

Bret Richards

Jeremy Taylor

Steve Reeder

Sen. Randy Feenstra chose not to participate. He was given the opportunity multiple times to participate, but he told me (Jacob Hall) that he would not participate.

Full disclosure, Sen. Feenstra is my state senator. I have criticized Sen. Feenstra when I felt he deserved criticism, and I have applauded Sen. Feenstra when I felt he deserved applause.

I cannot think of a single politician I haven’t criticized.

I suppose, where the rub is, is that Sen. Feenstra does not believe I have been fair in my criticisms, most of which he has likely heard through hearsay.

While The Iowa Standard does publish many pieces about Jeremy Taylor and Congressman Steve King, we do so because we receive press releases from Jeremy Taylor and Congressman King’s campaign. Every campaign is afforded that opportunity.

There was one instance where Sen. Feenstra provided comment for a story we were working on that we did not use his quote. In June, Sen. Ernst was asked about reparations for slavery. We wrote a story about that.

We wrote a follow-up story on Congressman King’s thoughts on the issue. Taylor submitted his own opinion on the matter, which was published in July.

We asked Sen. Feenstra if he’d like to share his thoughts on reparations. He replied, “I am not in support of war reparations. The sins of our country’s lack of liberty, freedom, and equality in the past should not be paid for by taxpayers that had no decision-making input on those issues that occurred generations ago.”

The topic at hand at the time had nothing to do with war reparations.

Ernst talked about reparations for slavery. King talked about reparations for slavery. Taylor wrote about reparations for slavery.

War reparations were not an issue on anyone’s radar.

Reporting for The Iowa Standard, I have accurately and fairly portrayed comments and positions presented by many, many Democrats. Most of the comments and positions I likely could not disagree with more.

But I have always presented their side fairly and accurately, to the best of my ability, in every news piece I have written.

Politicians will be praised at times. They will be criticized at times. That’s how public service works. If that makes someone uncomfortable, perhaps politics isn’t the right place for them.

Sen. Feenstra and I have our differences, but he’s always welcome to present his thoughts and feelings on issues to The Iowa Standard.

Shortly after announcing his candidacy for Congress, Sen. Feenstra appeared on CNN and asked Don Lemon viewers to consider donating to his campaign. It is regrettable that personal differences between Sen. Feenstra and myself have made Sen. Feenstra feel uncomfortable participating in our Congressional Candidate survey.

I am willing to bet (not sure if betting on this is legal like sports betting is now in Iowa) that The Iowa Standard is more of an ally to Sen. Feenstra than CNN and Don Lemon will ever be.

At least, for the sake of Sen. Feenstra’s Republican constituents, I hope it is.

Author: Jacob Hall