Finkenauer attempts to explain jekyll and hyde history on illegal immigration

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Congresswoman Abby Finkenauer was forced to explain her inconsistent positions on illegal immigration during Monday night’s debate. Finkenauer has said she supports strengthening border security, but her voting record does not reflect that belief.

Finkenauer was asked if she was being “hypocritical” by saying she supports border security but also voted against funding for construction of the border wall. Finkenauer said she supports securing the borders, but never really addressed the heart of the question.

Hinson brought up Finkenauer’s record in the Iowa House.

“You voted against the bill that made sanctuary cities illegal in the state of Iowa and you also voted for an amendment that provided health care for illegal immigrants,” Hinson said.

One of the moderators stepped in for Finkenauer, who was later allowed to respond to Hinson’s comments.

Finkenauer said she listened to sheriffs and police officers when it came to the sanctuary city bills.

“At the end of the day, they spoke to us and we do not have sanctuary cities in Iowa,” Finkenauer said.

Prior to the bill, there certainly were sanctuary cities and counties in Iowa. Some local law enforcement agencies were not cooperating with ICE and refused to honor ICE detainer requests.

Because of the legislation passed in the Iowa legislature, which Finkenauer voted against, those law enforcement agencies are now cooperating with ICE.

Jacob Hall

Author: Jacob Hall