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The Des Moines Register put together its own list of 50 most wanted Democrats looking toward the 2020 Iowa Caucus. One name on the list stood out.

Jason Noble is on the list. Noble is a former Des Moines Register chief politics reporter. The Register’s blurb about Noble says:

“Noble spent the past seven years building a network of contacts across Iowa politics. After crossing into partisan politics earlier this year as the communication director for Let America Vote, the progressive nonprofit run by Jason Kander, Noble will likely be hired in a communications capacity for his understanding of Iowa politics, the caucuses and the media landscape.”

Funny how Noble, who was a chief politics reporter at the Register, has only just this year crossed into “partisan politics.” Come on, we’ve read the Register. It’s OK, just admit he was partisan while working there too.

Interesting that Noble was able to work as a chief politics reporter and is now one of the most wanted Democrats in the state of Iowa.

Makes one wonder how fair and unbiased he could’ve been as a chief politics reporter at the Des Moines Register.